Potassium chloride (kali mur.)


Potassium chloride (kali mur.) is subtle in its action and may be overshadowed by the more dramatic cell salts such as ferrum phos and nature mir. Nevertheless, kali our is as important as the others. It is an important constituent of the muscles, nerve cells, and brain cells. In fact, brain cells cannot form without this cell salt. It should almost always be used with ferrum phos. to fight fevers. Cell salt practitioners have believed that kali mur. is the cell salt that builds the nitrogenous protein fiber, fibrin.

In many ways, kali mur. resembles kali sulph. and is indicated of the same problems. There is, however, one big difference: Whether the problem is constipation, diarrhea, or nasal or bronchial catarrh, the color of exudations requiring kali mur. tends to be white rather than yellow, as in discharges that indicate a need for kali sulph. Cell salt practitioners sometimes give kali mur. when nothing else seems to work, it is helpful in treating chronic ailments, especially where severe inflammation is involved. It should be given routinely, along with ferrum phos., for colds and other catarrhal conditions. It is also prescribed for certain kinds of rheumatism, as is kali sulph.

A Powerful Cleanser

Kali mur, can help destroy the body’s wastes when the body is uses white sugar to make the delicious concoctions you eat (and how many pastry chefs use anything else?), you will probably develop that sluggish, run-down condition that many people take kali mur. to get rid of!

When you take kali mur. for your liver, take it in the 12x dose three times a day. This dosage is about the same amount of kali mur. that occurs naturally in a healthy blood cell. A tired liver can be the cause of the sluggish, run-down feeling from which so many Americans suffer. Another way this wonderful cell salt might help sufferers relieve sluggishness is by thinning the blood, so that less energy is expended as it is pumped through the arteries.

Regaining Youthful Energy

It will take more than just cell salts to bring back the energy you had when you were younger, but cell salts, especially kali mur., can help. The right diet, including enough vitamins and minerals, is supremely important. With kali mur., you should begin to develop new vitality and energy.

Kali mur. should be given when a fever begins to recede. This is because this remedy is a building agent. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to help a body that is recovering from disease or infection.


Just as kali sulph. is good in cases of rheumatism, so is kali mur., which seems to ease the swelling in cells concerned with excretion and absorption in cases of inflammation, rheumatic or gouty pain. One difference between the two remedies is that when motion brings on pain, kali mur. is indicated, while when walking makes the pain disappear, kali sulph. is indicated. You will also have a telltale white or grayish tongue when you need kali mur., rather than the yellow one that indicates you need kali sulph.


Earaches can be dangerous as well as annoying. If you have a persistent earache or a discharge from your ears, kali mur is one of the main treatments for earaches. It should be used along with ferrum phos. in cases where the earache is accompanied by inflammation or fever, along with the treatment prescribed by your doctor.

Kali mur. is most useful when the inflammation has started receding and the membranes are thickening, so much so that sometimes the person’s hearing can be lost. Kali mur. works to pre-from the body through the ear’s mucous membranes.

Other Uses

You can apply kali mur. directly to boils and carbuncles to prevent further swelling. Kali mur. is also used to treat anemia that is accompanied by skin eruptions. If you have backaches for which you have taken ferrum phos., with no success, try kali mur. Tablets of kali mur. can be pulverized and the powder applied to first- and even second-degree burns.

Loud stomach-originating coughs and short acute coughs require kali mur. Always check for a white tongue, of course. If eye problems are accompanied by a white discharge, try kali mur.

If you have trouble digesting fatty foods, you suffer from flatulence, or your liver is sluggish, try kali mur. If you get gastritis from drinking hot liquids, you need kali mur. Also, if you have stomach aches, accompanied by constipation, try this cell salt. If your sleep is restless and you are easily disturbed, kali mur. will enable you once again to enjoy a refreshing night’s sleep.

Best uses: 

Croup, epilepsy, glandular swelling, bad effects of vaccinations(add Kalium alum sulph)

Useful applications: 

Glandular swelling, meningitis, white ulcers in the mouth, enlarged tonsils, kidney and bladder inflammations,bronchitis, swelling around the joints, warts,  

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Source: Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing with Nature’s Twelve Mineral Compounds

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