Why Abbe?

A coach who gets it.

My clients are Driven Dreamers and High Achievers.

The phrase’ good enough’ isn’t in your vocabulary.

You don’t play it small, nor do I – never have, never will. That’s something we have in common.

But sometimes even a powerhouse, who is bursting with ambition and ready for action, needs someone to guide them and provide accountability.

Whether you’re at a crossroads between past success and “what’s next,” or if there’s deeply held beliefs and past trauma getting in the way of making your next big move, I can show you how to alter that course, change your mindset, and become the best version of yourself in every possible way.

Meet Abbe

I’m Abbe, and I’m the coach who can meet your ambitions, validate your dreams, and help you boldly pursue them.

With my extensive training and education, along with my natural empathy, passion, and drive, I can guide you to drop the negative patterns that are blocking you from success. You have the power within you.

Understanding women's emotional landscape

My Story

Life doesn’t always go as planned.

I know firsthand what it’s like for everything to change in an instant. After spending 15 years in a seemingly perfect marriage and loving family life, my world turned upside down in an instant. I found myself suddenly a single mom on my own.

I chose the path to my ultimate success, the life I could have only dreamed of.

I discovered I could go beyond traditional coping methods and truly transform from within. Despite the odds stacked against me, I flourished as an independent single mom with 3 young children.

I finally got my power back!

I’ve never settled for the status quo. In addition to raising three amazing sons who are now thriving adults, I owned and operated a multi-million-dollar business.

And while I wasn’t always willing to admit it, I also wanted to love again.

More importantly, I wanted to be loved again.

Once I was ready, I met an incredible man (14 years my junior!) who embraced me as the confident, empowered woman that I am.

Using the same framework that took me from lost and near broken to a competent, confident mom and 7-figure business owner, I helped my now husband build a multi-million-dollar mortgage and construction company from the ground up.

And I know I can do the same for you.

My Approach

It’s one thing to be a coach and to understand how to motivate and inspire.

It’s an entirely different thing to actually have a coach with proven business savvy and multi-million-dollar accomplishments.

I speak your language.

True success is about three things: health, wealth, and relationships. Nothing will seem quite right if any of those elements are missing or unbalanced. I know because I’ve been there. Today, I leverage that journey of what I have learned to guide others to the lives they envision for themselves, not just focusing on individual issues but on you as a WHOLE person.

I didn’t start my journey intending to be a coach. I don’t even like the term “coach” because it is incredibly overused, and I feel the meaning is diluted to a point where it lacks significance. I’ve had a 30-year career in sales and marketing and became an entrepreneur early in life. I ran multiple businesses in my early twenties. Following this, I went to the University of Pennsylvania to study every aspect of human behavior, with a focus on psychology, philosophy, and sociology.

For almost two decades, I’ve coached executives, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals and helped develop teams of top-performing sales champions.

My coaching is where business and personal expansion meet and unite. With compassion and laser-sharp insight, I create a safe space for you to start your next chapter with power and purpose.

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