Magnesium Phosphate (Mag. phos.): AN AMAZING ANTISPASMODIC REMEDY

Magnesium phosphate (mag. phos.) is one of the most remarkable cell salt remedies. While it is very powerful by itself, it is also closely allied with the two other phosphate cell salts-calc. phos, and kali phos. All of the phosphates are prescribed for ailments of the nerves. It is as a result of our nerves that we feel pain, and when the nerves themselves are affected and thus cause pain, the result is doubly miserable.

A Healthy Team

Although phosphates are often used to treat similar ailments, it is important to understand the differences between them. Calcium and magnesium belong to the same group of elements, the “earth alkalis,” which also include barium and strontium. The ions of magnesium and calcium are “synergistic”; that is, they produce certain reactions in combination that they cannot change. 

Calcium “tightens” cell membranes and magnesium increase their permeability. Calcium is found mostly in the bones, and magnesium is found mostly in solution in the soft tissues. According to some experts, persons who suffer from a calcium deficiency compared this difference to the differences between yin and yang deficiency are apt to be restless. 

Calcium and magnesium are important elements in body structure, but sodium and potassium are important primarily in body fluids. Calcium and magnesium reduce tissue irritability, but sodium and potassium aggravate it.

The Mag. phos. Personality

People who suffer from a magnesium phosphate deficiency tend to reflect this in their personalities. They suffer from constantly changing emotional ups and downs. On the other hand, people who suffer from a calcium phosphate deficiency are apt to be slow and plodding. It is not surprising to learn that the primary function of mag. phos. is in correcting violent ailments. Spasms that affect the connective muscles, intestines, retinas, and blood vessels; dizziness; migraines; and even nausea and cold sweats can be helped by this remedy.

People who need mag. phos. may look somewhat like people who need calc. phos.; that is, thin and weak, and they often have nutritional or allergy problems. They tend to be plagued by cramps and nervousness. It has also been noted that both types tend to have dark complexions.

Magnesium and Good Health

Magnesium is actually quite plentiful in the body, considering that it is a “trace element.” The amount of magnesium in the body is exceeded only by the quantities of calcium, potassium, and sodium. Magnesium is a factor in helping the blood remain alkaline, and it works with phosphorus to rebuild the nerves. It helps harden the dental enamel as calcium does. 

Magnesium phosphate is needed by the brain, the heart, and the muscles to relax. It has only been during the last decade or so that the role of magnesium in the body has been appreciated by health authorities who are not cell salt practitioners.

It has now been definitely established that a lack of magnesium will produce such symptoms as unsteady handwriting, muscle twitching, tremors, and sweating. A lack of magnesium has also been connected with such diseases as intestinal malabsorption, alcoholism, severe diarrhea, chronic liver disease, and others. Magnesium deficiency will cause confusion, personality changes, and an altered heartbeat.

The Danger of Over-Refined Foods

The major sources of magnesium in the diet are green leaves, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. But Americans often do not get enough magnesium from their diets because all of the magnesium is in the outer layers of unprocessed foods, which are thrown away in the usual milling and refining to which our foods are subjected. In addition, biochemists believe that even if you are getting enough of the necessary cell salts in your diet, these cell salts will not necessarily get to those places in the body where a specific deficiency is causing a problem. That is why it may be necessary to take cell salt tablets when your symptoms call for them. 

The symptoms that indicate that you have a magnesium deficiency are generally improved by heat and pressure. In other words, if you suffer from localized pains or neuralgia, that becomes better when you apply warmth and becomes worse when you go outside mag. phos. is your remedy.

Pains in the bowels, cramps in the stomach, pains in the spinal cord, convulsions, cramps from prolonged exertion, stiffness, numbness, awkwardness-these are all ailments that call for mag. Phos. antispasmodic remedy, since several hours’ labor each day over Pianists, for example, can be helped immensely by this powerful keyboard can make hands stiff.

Mag. phos, can help ease nervous asthma, heart palpitations, angina pectoris, various kinds of shooting pains, constrictive spasms of the vagina, flatulence, limb jerking, and hay fever.

Neuralgia and Headaches

Certain kinds of neuralgia pains are especially likely to respond to treatment with mag. phos. These pains are spasmodic, almost violent, darting, and deep. They are sharp and intense. Excruciating cramps that tend to come on in the evenings and are soothed by warmth and aggravated by cold will probably be relieved by this cell salt remedy.

In some people, these pains disappear quickly when mag. phos. is taken. In other cases, the remedy must be taken for a longer period of time. The effects of cell salts are often subtle, but they are powerful and long-lasting. Cell salts are essentially nutritional, but they achieve a therapeutic effect. So if you take a remedy for a while with high expectations, it will have a better chance to work overtime.

When magnesium salts are lacking in the body, the result is a pain that moves from place to place and is recurrent. The pain may show up in the head, in the stomach and bowels, and even in the ovaries and limbs.

Doctors have had success in giving patients mag. phos. Tablets this powerful remedy. It seems to work for both young and old, instead of aspirin for bad pain. Toothaches have been cured with stomach pains. 


Both calc. phos, and mag. phos. are recommended for most kinds of cramps. The general recommendation is to take the mag. Phos. in the 6x dose before meals and the calc. phos. in the same potency after meals. Dissolve five tablets of each cell salt in hot water and sip the water. Repeat this procedure every three hours. 

These remedies should help various kinds of cramps, such as those resulting from prolonged exertion, including stiffness and numbness from writer’s cramp and cramps suffered by craftsmen or laborers who must hold their tools for long periods. Cramps occurring in the bowels and the stomach, the throat, and the larynx, and the corners of the mouth also respond well to this antispasmodic. 

Other Uses:

Applied on water-soaked cotton swabs, mag. phos. will help insect bites around the knees, ankles, and elbows, according to Dr. Schuessler. Insomnia that is caused by emotional turmoil can be aided by this remedy. Intense rheumatic toothaches that are soothed by heat will also improve with mag. phos., as will an urge to urinate frequently.

Like all cell salt remedies, mag. phos. is especially good for certain types of people. This does not mean, of course, that if you are not that type, you will not be helped by mag. phos. It does mean that if you are that type, your chances of being helped are especially good. The “mag. phos. person” is a thin person with a dark complexion and a lean, nervous look. The nervous look is sometimes expressed by intensely staring eyes. For such people, mag. phos. is a constitutional remedy, which means that this cell salt will cure many of their ailments, even if it is less effective for others.

People who need mag. phos. will often appear tired and will sit motionless in stony silence. Or they may pace to and fro. If a person has a tendency to stammer or cry or he or she complains of cold, especially up and down the spine, mag. phos. will help. 

Finally, here are two more indications of a magnesium phosphate deficiency: a thirst for cold drinks and sugar with an aversion to coffee and a feeling of drowsiness. If from ten to eleven in trying mag. phos. the morning and four to five in the afternoon you suffer from headaches, mag. phos. can help you. If your brain feels as if it were swishing about and you feel a tightness in your head, consider If your throat is so sore that swallowing causes pain, you have a dry cough that is so severe that it is difficult for you to speak, or In general, excruciating pain and extreme exhaustion are signs that indicate to the intelligent observer that he needs mag. phos. If you are choking or retching, mag. phos. can be the cure.

Cramps and pains are also helped by the direct application of magnesium phosphate. This powerful antispasmodic holds the key to many ailments. When it is used correctly, it can affect the most miraculous of cures.

Useful Applications summarized:

Headache; face-ache; toothache; pain in limbs; diarrhea, spasms, whooping cough, lockjaw, cramps in the calves; hiccough; tetanus; colic in newborns, writers cramp, epilepsy, tics, angina, heart palpitations, stuttering.

Fast-acting cell salt

If Mag Phos does not releive your pain use Kalium bromatum 12x, its double the strength for pain

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Source: Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing with Nature’s Twelve Mineral Compounds

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