The cell salt calcium fluoride (calc fluor) can help treat various health problems, from piles and varicose veins to obstinate backache, gout, and anal problems, such as itching and fissures. And that’s just the beginning. There are many other problems that this cell salt remedy can help treat, including many psychological symptoms such as a groundless fear of money troubles. Calc fluor can help you if you are indecisive about little things which are not very important but cause you to worry anyway. Calc fluor is a chemical union of lime and fluoric acid. This union produces a remedy with healing powers demonstrated by neither of the constituents alone. As is the case with other cell salts, calc fluor is often more helpful when it is taken along with other cell salt remedies.

Calc fluor is useful in treating many ailments of the bones and teeth. Many experts blame the unusual amount of dental ailments seen in Americans on a poor diet and a lack of calcium. There is, of course, calcium in milk and milk products, but there are indications that the process of pasteurization affects this calcium adversely.

Calcium fluoride is a constituent of the surfaces of bones and the enamel of teeth. It is also a prime ingredient in elastic fibers in the body, which means it will often be of importance in treating diseases of the skin and the blood vessels.


Because calcium fluoride is a prime ingredient in your body’s hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids often occur when blood vessels have elastic fibers, it is useful in treating ailments such as varicose veins become enlarged and lose their elasticity. Calcium fluoride’s role in restoring good health is its ability to maintain the elasticity of the tissues and restore this elasticity where it is lacking.

Heart Trouble

People with heart trouble can find a great deal of relief with calcium fluoride. A dose every fifteen minutes or so is advisable if the pain is acute. Of course, serious health problems such as this should be under a doctor’s supervision. Sensitive teeth may need calcium fluoride. Strained muscle tendons will also respond to this remedy. Both ailments can be treated with the remedy, dissolved in water and applied externally with a cotton swab, or taken internally in tablet form. Calc fluor can also be of great help in cases of vomiting (although you should use natrum sulph. or natrum phos. instead if the vomit is green or sour-smelling). If your urine has an unpleasant smell, calc fluor will help.

Calcium fluoride has even been recommended as the cell salt remedy for obesity, to be taken an hour before each meal in alternation with calcium phosphate. The idea is that these two cell

salts will aid in the assimilation of starches and fat in the meals. Cutting down on these items is also helpful, of course. Calcium fluoride is a potent remedy that can help treat many of your health problems from a lack of elasticity in the tissues. Let’s get down to the specifics of some of these problems and how this cell salt has helped people.

Bone Health

As mentioned, calcium fluoride is often helpful in treating bone problems. Calcium fluoride can be helpful in the treatment of numerous matters involving bones, joints, and muscles. It is almost always prescribed, for example, for enlargements of the finger joints due to gout.


If you feel that your spine is irritated or feel pain or fatigue in your lower back accompanied by a full feeling and confined bowels, take calc. fluor in the 6x dose at least every half an hour. It is helpful to dissolve a pill or two in a glass of water and have someone sponge the affected area with the mixture. 

Varicose Veins, Hemorrhoids, and “The Blues”

Varicose veins and hemorrhoids are two problems that calc fluor is famous for curing. You might find that these ailments go together. When they do, the afflicted patients have been described by.

Piles are caused by irritation of the lower intestine resulting in distention, often due to constipation. Rectal fistulas frequently develop when piles have gone too far. To treat piles, apply calc fluor directly with a cotton swab. Dissolve some tablets in a small amount of water and dip the applicator in the water. You should also take calc fluor internally. In serious cases, such as when the pain of varicose veins becomes so intense that the patient can no longer stand, doctors have given calc. fluor, tablets every two hours. 

If you are suffering from irritated piles, it is a good idea to use calcium fluoride along with kali sulph. If your piles are bleeding, take Ferrum phos. For hemorrhoidal conditions, take the calc fluor in a 6x potency before meals. Calc fluor can also be dissolved in water and applied as a compress to the anus, held all night with a suitable bandage. In the case of varicose veins, use silica along with the calc fluor, morning and evening.

Diet and Hemorrhoids

If you suffer from hemorrhoids, although you can expect help from calc fluor, the most effective action would be to eliminate the basic cause of your problem: poor diet. Intelligent eating to avoid constipation has been mentioned earlier. Processed foods are the main villains in constipation. Calc fluor will help when your problem arises from your digestive organs losing their elasticity, but the reason that these organs have lost their elasticity should also be considered. Calc fluor is useful in constipation involving a chronic inability to expel feces. Sometimes constipation arises from nerves, and calc fluor is also effective in restoring high spirits.

Calcium fluoride has also been known to help people plagued by nightmares. Other psychological problems that can be relieved by this powerful remedy are an inability to express yourself and the feeling that you just cannot think. If you find yourself at a loss for words and hesitate and repeat yourself in conversation, if you feel you have “cobwebs on the brain,” this cell salt can do you a lot of good.

Eyes and Teeth

If your mouth is always dry and your teeth are deficient in enamel, which leads to rapid decay, calc fluor is indicated immediately. When your teeth are loose in their sockets, this is the remedy to use, and do not lose any time using it. Take calc fluor in the 6x potency before meals and calc. phos. after meals in the same potency. Some doctors indicate this remedy for children with delayed dentition.

Another use of calc fluor is in treating certain kinds of eye problems. Eye problems should usually be treated with a variety of cell salts for the different symptoms. Check the Simplified Remedy Guide at the beginning of this section for other cell salt remedies. Calc fluor is the main remedy if you see sparks or flickering lights before your eyes and in cases of spots on the cornea, conjunctivitis, and cataracts.

Doctors have reported that calc fluor in the 6x potency has stopped itching on the eye’s surface and has helped when the wearing of glasses all day has made the eyes water and created a sensation of air blowing on the eyes. In addition, one doctor reported that in thirteen cases of cataracts, eleven were cured with regular doses of calc fluor.

Other Important Indications

Calc fluor is usually the remedy suggested for people who constantly vomit undigested food or suffer from hiccups. It is also suggested in cases of asthma where the mucus coughed up contains tiny yellow lumps.

It is excellent for chapped skin, cracks in the skin, fissures in the palm, brittle fingernails, and some kinds of eczema where the skin thickens and hardens (especially in damp weather) suppurations with hard edges. Use this remedy externally together with petroleum jelly after washing the affected area well.

Calc fluor is often prescribed if the menstrual flow is too thick, and this cell salt seems to be of great value in many feminine problems. If after a miscarriage the uterus loses muscle tone, calcium fluoride is needed. In cases where menstruation is excessive and accompanied by bearing-down pains and flooding, this cell salt can also help.

In general, ailments requiring calcium fluoride are affected by the weather, as was previously mentioned. The sufferer tends to be sensitive to cold, drafts, dampness, and changes in the weather.

Heat and warm applications also help. Frequently, you can detect That you need calc fluor simply because you are sad or miserable.

Calcium fluoride is to elastic tissues what silica is to the connective tissues, and it is regarded as the complement of silica. In many cases, these two remedies should be used together, or one can be used when the other fails to help the ailment.

Source: Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing with Nature’s Twelve Mineral Compounds

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