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Cell Salts for Youth and Beauty

Cell Salts for Youth and Beauty

Cell Salts for Youth and Beauty 1920 1080 Abbe Lang

For centuries, women have exchanged beauty secrets on how to develop and maintain glowing, vital loveliness at any age.

Try this simple beauty plan involving cell salts and a minimal amount of effort for a period of thirty to sixty days, and you will be delighted with the results.

The Importance of Good Nutrition

As you have discovered, the twelve cell salt remedies can play a big part in restoring the health you may have lost as a result of a poor diet. The same poor diet that contributes to many health problems can also affect a person’s appearance. Some of the indications that your body is not getting proper nutrition include a sallow complexion, incipient wrinkles and lines, poor muscle tone, general tiredness, dark circles under the eyes, insomnia, and dry skin.

These problems detract from your good looks and can discourage you from even trying to look your best. But neglecting your appearance just causes more problems, and a vicious cycle is created.

If you are like lots of other women, you probably drag yourself out of bed in the morning, late for work, or in a rush to get your husband and children off to work and school. You do not have time to fix yourself a good breakfast, even if you might prepare one for your family. So what do you give yourself? Black coffee and white toast. When your body is trying to tell it needs nutrition the most, to help you face the day squarely, it is ignored.

When noon rolls around, you probably find that you’re absolutely starving. If you are at work, you raid the catering truck or vending machines and wind up with a lunch of dubious value, possibly a stale sandwich consisting of some processed cheese, ham, and lettuce on white bread, more coffee, and a processed dessert.

There are a lot of calories in this meal, but your body will be getting a few of the nutrients it really needs for health and beauty. At dinnertime, you are probably tired and not really up to preparing a nutritious meal. Fast foods or take-out are probably all you can manage. If this sounds at all like you, stop right now and consider this grim fact. If you continue neglecting and abusing yourself this way, all you can expect is an early old age. This is especially true if you are a young woman who feels that she has to starve herself all of the time to maintain a fashionably lean silhouette.

As you begin to plan a better nutritional program for yourself, the cell salt calc phos will help you. Take it before or after each meal. And then think about those meals. (Reread the section on calc. phos. on page 49, which will help you visualize your body’s nutritional mechanisms at work.) You should avoid heavy, fat-laden meals. Get into the habit of eating a good breakfast. It can be as simple as whole-grain cereal with a little fresh fruit and milk or some fresh cheese, whole-grain toast, and fruit juice.

Whole-grain cereals are extremely important in the diet for the precious vitamins and minerals they contain.

You can take your lunch with you to work. It should include a fresh, preferably raw, vegetable or salad, cooked eggs or cold meat, and maybe whole grain bread and butter. Avoid all soft drinks, including those with artificial sweeteners. Drink at least eight glasses of pure water each day. Dinner should be the lightest meal of the day. A light soup or salad and some fruit are ideal.

Remember that sugar is absolutely useless in the diet. It serves no purpose nutritionally, and there are many health experts who believe that it can seriously damage your health. It also adds many empty calories. Bear in mind that it is an ingredient in many packaged foods. It is a good idea to read package labels carefully and substitute fresh fruits and vegetables for packaged or frozen fruits and vegetables. But beware of some so-called “natural” products. If you look closely at their ingredients, you may find that chemical preservatives or sugar are included.

To take cell salts and then eat sugar is like going to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and then going home and drinking a cocktail. Health is the result of a combination of things, of which the cell salts are an integral part. But the cell salts cannot work if you abuse your body in other ways.

Once your diet has become healthy, you will notice the beginning of a new you. You will lose unwanted pounds, have more energy, discover a brighter personality, and start looking better.

The Role of Cell Salts

Calc phos is the nutritional remedy that will make you feel good all over. It is routinely prescribed for sluggish, run-down conditions. It can help you regain your energy. Kali sulph and ferrum phos are also essential for any new health regimen. Kali sulph and ferrum phos both carry oxygen through your body and help restore your health. Try taking these remedies each day before you exercise.

Your exercise program need not be the regimented program you may have suffered through in school. An easy, personalized exercise program can be a wonderful tension reliever. It can quickly eliminate that sluggish, run-down feeling.

If you do not enjoy sports or working out in a gym, take a long walk or a hike in the most beautiful surroundings you can find. If you want to think things out, take your walk by yourself. If you prefer company, which may help pass the miles more pleasantly, invite your family or friends to walk with you.

On a hot day, try a cool swim instead. If you feel exuberant, take advantage of your feeling by running for a while. You will soon discover that exercise has become something you associate with happy times.

Each day, you will feel better immediately when you realize that it is the time of day to make yourself feel better by exercising.

At night, just before retiring, take ferrum phos, kali sulph, mag phos, and natrum phos. These will help you sleep well. Along with a healthy diet and exercise, your cell salt beauty plan should include plenty of sleep.

Getting enough sleep for your health might sound deceptively simple. Everybody knows that sleep is important, but how many people actually get enough sleep every night? Probably very few. If you cannot get to sleep until 3:30 AM because of insomnia and have to get up at 7:00 AM, you are not going to feel good. If you are one of the bleary-eyed souls who while away the wee hours of the night watching television because you cannot unwind any other way, try taking the above-named cell salts. That way, you will get your “beauty sleep.”

Remember that part of being beautiful lies in having regular health habits-good diet, exercise, and enough rest. Erratic living does not help your appearance, and it does not prolong youth, either. A serene outlook on life and a sense of humor can also help you to develop both inner and outer loveliness.

Ferrum phos. is everyone’s “beauty tonic.” It is used in combination with other cell salts to treat many ailments, but it is also extremely effective by itself. It is also sometimes a good idea to take kali phos., the soother of jangled nerves, to restore your peace of mind, promote a more positive attitude, and bring color back to your cheeks.

Ferrum phos plays an important role in maintaining good health, which, of course, is the largest part of being beautiful. It is especially effective if your spirits are depressed, which will show on your face. All of the cell salt phosphates will help lift your spirits, but ferrum phos will give you the physical basis for good health. If you are feeling discouraged, take ferrum phos twice a day, morning and evening, and watch your gloomy symptoms disappear.

For Beautiful Hair and Nails

If you envy women with long, shiny hair and long, graceful fingernails, you are not alone. But you may feel that lovely hair and nails are an impossible dream. Commercial fingernail strengtheners may work at first, but they contain harsh chemicals. Hair conditioners are unreliable and full of strange chemicals. So what do you do? You take silica.

Silica, nature’s cell cleanser, is recommended for many ailments. But it is especially useful for building up hair and nails.

Take silica three times a day, morning, noon, and evening. At the same time, be sure that you are eating well and getting plenty of rest. Within thirty days, you should see your hair take on a healthy shine and split ends disappear. Your fingernails will be stronger, longer, and less inclined to break and split.

Eliminating Water Retention

Another problem that can detract from beauty is water retention. Many women who experience this find it to be worse just before their menstrual period, although in susceptible women, it is sometimes an ever-present condition. If you have a water retention problem, take natrum sulph and natrum mur before meals to help regulate your body fluids. You should also stop adding salt to the food you eat. A low salt intake will benefit your heart and may even protect you from some forms of cancer.

Since natrum sulph and natrum mur work to eliminate bloating and water retention, they will help you produce a sleek new body. Some of the other salts you are taking in this program will also help you prevent obesity. Try calc fluor—it holds off obesity and is also good for the enamel of your teeth.

By the way, if you are especially troubled by water retention before your period, try stepping up your exercise program. Exercise also helps relieve menstrual cramps, which are sometimes associated with water retention.

Eliminate Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are unattractive reminders that we are getting older. They are also painful. Calc. fluor, the cell salt which promotes suppleness and elasticity, has been recommended for treating varicose veins for years along with ferrum phos and silica, which you should be taking already.

To treat varicose veins, take calc fluor, ferrum phos, and silica in the morning and evening, but give them time to work, especially if you have had the condition for a long time. You should obtain comfort, relief, and improved appearance within a reasonable time. If you do not, or if the condition worsens, see your doctor. There are other medical procedures besides taking cell salts for this condition.

A Clear, Fresh Complexion

Silica, which you should already be taking for your hair and nails, is also good for your complexion. But another salt is especially helpful for your complexion-calc. sulph., a healer and purifier of the blood. If your face tends to break out, it is best to take calc sulph before the pimples start discharging pus. If they have already started to discharge pus, take kali mur. in addition. The cell salts should be taken every two hours until the pimples have discharged the pus. Then take the cell salts only twice a day, morning and evening. You might have to take the cell salts every time your skin starts to break out again. Both calc phos and kali sulph help build new skin cells, but you should already be taking these anyway. Also, for general skin health, stay away from greasy foods and too much salt and sugar.

Natural Cell Salt Cosmetic

Avocado is one of the best cosmetics you can buy. You can create your own avocado cosmetics, or you can buy avocado creams at health food stores. Do not be fooled by products from large chemical, cosmetic firms that use a dab of avocado for sales appeal.

These products are still essentially chemical and may be irritating or even dangerous.

To create your own avocado cream, puree avocado flesh and refrigerate it for three days. Then add one tablespoon of a multiple cell salts combination, dissolved in water and wheat to the puree (or a health food store cream). The result will be a germ oil, a product that should help remove flabby jawlines, sagging muscles, and crepe necks if it is used with consistency.

Why the avocado-cell salt mixture? Because avocados are nature’s best emollient. They are rich in cell salts and natural humectant-a substance which draws water to itself. Water (not oil) creates soft, beautiful skin, and avocado applied to the skin, with cell salts and vitamin E (in the form of wheat germ oil) added, is just about the best cosmetic there is. Use it in your cell salt beauty plan. Use the avocado-cell salt cream on your face at night, and start using the cell salts conscientiously in your diet.

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Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies

Calcium Fluoride (calc fluor)

Calcium Phosphate (Calc. phos.)

Calcium sulphate (calc. sulph.)

Ferrum Phosphate (Ferrum phos.)

Magnesium Phosphate (Mag. phos.)

Source: Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing with Nature’s Twelve Mineral Compounds

Sodium Sulphate (Natrum sulph.) - A MIRACULOUS REMEDY FOR ASTHMA

Sodium Sulphate (Natrum sulph.) – A MIRACULOUS REMEDY FOR ASTHMA

Sodium Sulphate (Natrum sulph.) – A MIRACULOUS REMEDY FOR ASTHMA 1920 1080 Abbe Lang

Sodium sulphate (natrum sulph), which is produced by the action of sulphuric acid on common table salt, occurs naturally in large quantities in many salt lakes. When it is manufactured, its common name is Glauber’s salt; but for use as a cell salt remedy, natrum sulph is always obtained directly from natural sources.

Sodium chloride attracts water to the body tissues, and natrum sulph regulates the carrying of water away from the body tissues.

Of course, this process has many health benefits, making sodium sulphate a remedy for many ailments—including such diverse ones as asthma, diabetes, influenza, and old head injuries—just because of its powerful influence on the waste-removing process of the body’s cells.


Natrum sulph is, in fact, the main cell salt remedy for asthma. Ailments that are aggravated by dampness, fog, and wet weather are “provings” of this cell salt; asthma is certainly made worse by dampness, fog, and wet weather.

A hard, asthmatic cough, with thick expectoration and a constant desire to take long, deep breaths, is a strong sign that you need natrum sulph. In addition, hay fever that comes on during a damp, chilly day or during a hot, humid day is a further indication that natrum sulph can help you.

No one knows why natrum sulph is a good treatment in asthma cases, but doctors have reported case after case where it cured long-standing asthma completely. Perhaps this is due to its ability to attract twice its bulk in water-containing waste products and then remove this waste from the bloodstream. Or possibly the amazing results are related to its incredible ability to heal the mucous membranes. Whatever the reason, consider sodium sulphate your ally if you suffer from asthma.

It is possible that the powers of this amazing remedy are due to the fact that it is a “super” cell salt—that is, it works in the fluids between the cells, acting as part of the process that enables the cells to discern what they need in the fluids outside themselves and what substances are harmful and must be eliminated. Sodium sulphateh acts as a “sensor” and has the ability to aid the cells in finding sustenance.

Natrum sulph in Combination

Natrum sulph is a good treatment alone as well as in combination. A biochemical “cocktail” of natrum sulph and silica is a potent tonic for asthma attacks. The silica will help with the symptoms of asthma, and the natrum sulph gets right to the root of the malady. Many of the other cell salts will be helpful in specific kinds of asthma (check the Simplified Remedy Guide for these). Natrum sulph, however, is the number one asthma remedy. 

Diabetes and Digestion

Diabetes is another disease that natrum sulph has been successful in treating. Years ago, when insulin was discovered, everyone thought that diabetes was finished as a life-threatening disease.

However, diabetics frequently develop fatal side effects, including cardiac failure. Some medical authorities believe that increased dietary intake of sugar is the cause of the dramatic increase in cases of diabetes.

Sodium sulphate can play an enormous role in treating many problems related to digestion, which is why it is sometimes an important treatment in diabetes. It has also been helpful to people with gallbladder troubles. Of course, if you have gallbladder problems, you should not treat yourself; see your doctor. 


Natrum sulph was said to cure the flu by Dr. Charles S. Vaught, who added that excessive catarrh, itching, scabies, or eczema are all signs of a sodium sulphate deficiency. Dr. Vaught himself was suffering from influenza in its earliest stages and “headed it off at the pass” by taking natrum sulph. Other doctors have reported curing difficult cases of influenza by using this remedy. 

One authority on biochemistry suggests dissolving two or three tablets each of ferrum phos, natrum sulph, and kali murin in a glass of hot water and sipping it when influenza threatens. The doses, in the 6x potency, should be repeated every thirty minutes.

Head Injuries

An interesting characteristic of natrum phos is its ability to help in cases of head injuries. In this era of busy freeways and city streets, we can easily be involved in accidents having long-lasting effects.

 Other Benefits

Natrum sulph cell salts largely control the action of the liver according to biochemical theory. During a spell of humid, oppressive weather, a few doses of this cell salt will help you to recover from that sluggish, run-down feeling.

A deficiency in natrum sulph can result in a number of psychological symptoms. Irritability, often a symptom of our fast-paced modern life, is the foremost indication of this. Natrum sulph will yield fast, comforting results, provided that the short temper you have is due to a sodium sulphate deficiency rather than just irritating in-laws or overdue bills.

Natrum sulph is a natural sleeping potion. If you have trouble falling asleep and have restless dreams, if your sleep is unrefreshing if you find yourself waking too early or too frequently, then a dose of natrum sulph every hour, beginning a few hours before bedtime, will do what the prescription medicines promise. 

Moreover, this cell salt remedy is completely harmless. There is no way that you can become addicted to it. When you have taken it for a very short period of time, you will discover that your sleep-related problems will disappear, giving you the refreshed appearance and peace of mind that come with improved sleep.

Also, if you find yourself getting cold in bed at night, especially in the hands or lower limbs, consider sodium sulphate your natural electric blanket.

Feelings of discouragement are another indication that may need sodium sulphate. Most people have a hard time getting started in the morning. However, if you always feel depressed and despondent in the morning, think of natrum sulph, which, if taken regularly as prescribed here, will bring you a much brighter mental outlook.

Natrum sulph is also often helpful in cases of gout and in alleviating pain connected with teeth and dentistry. Many illnesses for which this remedy is indicated really call for all three of the biochemical sodium remedies: natrum mur, natrum sulph, and natrum phos. You are advised to take a combination of these three cell salts if you are irritable due to biliousness, if you have a headache centered in the top of your head, if you suffer from dizziness, if you suffer from drowsiness, or if you have anxious dreams or nightmares.

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Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies

Calcium Fluoride (calc fluor)

Calcium Phosphate (Calc. phos.)

Calcium sulphate (calc. sulph.)

Ferrum Phosphate (Ferrum phos.)

Magnesium Phosphate (Mag. phos.)

Source: Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing with Nature’s Twelve Mineral Compounds

Sodium Phosphate (Natrum phos.) - THE BIOCHEMICAL ANTACID

Sodium Phosphate (Natrum phos.) – THE BIOCHEMICAL ANTACID

Sodium Phosphate (Natrum phos.) – THE BIOCHEMICAL ANTACID 1920 1080 Abbe Lang

Sodium phosphate (natrum phos) has often been called the “biochemical antacid.” It plays this role not only in digestion but also in the body’s fluids, including the blood. But it is a major remedy for indigestion.

Americans spend over a quarter of a billion dollars a year on medications that promise relief from indigestion. Yet, the best advice for those who suffer from indigestion is to change their diet and try the various biochemical remedies, which cannot hurt and will most likely help. Many antacids that people take for stomach upset contain bicarbonate of soda, which can cause the formation of kidney stones and recurrent urinary tract infections.

The high sodium count of “bicarb” also makes it bad for people with incipient heart trouble or kidney problems. The next time you are stricken with indigestion, instead of using one of the commercial preparations, eat and drink nothing until the pain is gone. Then try adding clear liquids-water, herbal tea, or broth. Next, add bland foods such as toast, rice, mashed potatoes, and the like. Music and meditation can also help because anxiety produces excess stomach acid, and excess stomach acid produces indigestion.

Chronic indigestion may mask more serious ailments. If treating indigestion with biochemical preparations and changing your diet does not help, your “indigestion” may actually be gallbladder or heart problems, or even a peptic ulcer, masquerading as common indigestion. So, be methodical. Keep a record of your diet, recording the effect various foods have on your indigestion. Also, be sure not to overeat to the point where you feel stuffed. It is now known that the state of one’s nerves can have a profound effect on digestion. The digestive function is practically the first thing affected by an agitated mental condition. 

Indigestion is a very complex problem, intimately connected with your whole nervous system. If you find yourself becoming angry at trifles, easily vexed, anxious at night, not feeling very sociable, or suffering from mental fuzziness, all of these problems could be signs that indicate a need for natrum phos. The symptoms helped by natrum phos in cases of indigestion often indicate other health problems.

Why Good Digestion Is Necessary

Physically, digestion (or a lack of it) is central and vital to your health. If you are not digesting your food properly, you cannot eliminate it properly. Problems such as constipation and diarrhea have an immediate effect on how you feel. Natrum phos can help you if you find yourself developing an aversion to the food you would otherwise like. If you feel “heat” in your stomach, nausea in the morning, and pain in your stomach after eating, natrum phos is your remedy. It is also indicated if you suffer from alternate bouts of constipation and diarrhea. Even your dreams can be tied to indigestion. If, after raiding the refrigerator for a midnight snack, you dream a lot and the dreams are vivid or make you feel anxious, natrum phos will help you sleep more comfortably.

Of course, you should take natrum phos, or any other cell salt remedy, only as a part of a conscious attempt to follow a healthier lifestyle. If the cells of your body are depleted of vital cell salts, it might take more than the ingestion of the indicated remedy to cure you. The whole theory behind the use of cell salts is that your body can cure itself. The cell salts are merely catalysts. 

Sometimes, however, a cure may require a change of surroundings, a happy occupation, good food, vitamins and exercise, regular sleep, and better, effortless evacuation of the bowels and bladder. All of these are things to concentrate on in the event of illness. After these have been attended to, one can begin the administration of cell salts.

A Helpful Combination

In some cases of rheumatism, natrum phos is called for in conjunction with ferrum phos. Phosphate never occurs in a free state; it is always in combination with other substances. It is found in urine and can be extracted from the bones. It was discovered in Germany in 1673, and its properties of healing have been discovered by many since then. You will find that phosphates are included in some of the most important remedies in cell salt treatment. They are used as a standard cell salt nerve tonic, among many other things.

Natrum phos is recommended first in cases of indigestion. But once the condition has been left unattended for too long or has been made worse by the use of patent antacids or other medicines, the general rule of thumb is to combine natrum phos with natrum sulph. These two cell salts work remarkably together. If you have headaches in addition to indigestion and they are located in the forehead, or if your skull feels “too full,” think of natrum sulph. If you have pain in your stomach or your stomach seems full of frothy, sour fluids, once again, natrum phos will do the trick. Be sure you alternate these two cell salts with doses of ferrum phos as well.

Back Pain and Rheumatism

Natrum phos is also useful for some back pains and in all acute or chronic cases of inflammatory rheumatism. Rheumatic pains in the joints, a weak feeling in the legs, cracking and creaking in the joints—these symptoms all call for natrum phos. 

The primary indication that you have a rheumatic condition that can be helped by this remedy is a yellow-coated tongue and other acid symptoms involving the mouth and sweat glands. 

If your symptoms seem worse during menstruation, you may need natrum phos. The point is that the primary role of natrum phos is the decomposition of lactic acid and the emulsification of fatty acids. It is found in the blood, muscles, nerves, and brain cells-and many illnesses involving these. 

In many diseases, the common factor is the acidity of the blood. Cell salts, as you know, operate in the individual cells, and natrum is used for such ailments as gout, stomach ulceration, and worms. It helps emulsify decomposed lactic acid, which causes pain in rheumatic conditions. However, in most cases of toxic and acid rheumatism, natrum phos is recommended along with other cell salts such as silica and kali sulph. For rheumatism, one expert recommends using the appropriate cell salts in alternation three times a day. 

Eye Problems

Natrum phos has long been used for conjunctivitis, an inflammation of the eyelid, and is one of the time-honored remedies for this condition. The eyes are particularly sensitive to acid conditions. Natrum phos is called for in many cases where there is a creamy secretion-for example, a creamy vaginal discharge. 


Vertigo—a feeling of dizziness—is a definite indication of a need for natrum phos, especially when it is accompanied by acid-producing gastric problems. 

Other uses

Other conditions where natrum phos has been helpful include restless sleeping, an itching anus, eczema, hives, and a rose rash.

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Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies

Calcium Fluoride (calc fluor)

Calcium Phosphate (Calc. phos.)

Calcium sulphate (calc. sulph.)

Ferrum Phosphate (Ferrum phos.)

Magnesium Phosphate (Mag. phos.)

Source: Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing with Nature’s Twelve Mineral Compounds

Sodium Chloride Natrum mur.

Sodium Chloride (Natrum mur.) – NATURES CURE FOR HEADACHES

Sodium Chloride (Natrum mur.) – NATURES CURE FOR HEADACHES 1920 1080 Abbe Lang

One of the basic remedies for headaches is probably right on your dinner table-sodium chloride or table salt. Of course, this does not mean that if you take a pinch of table salt, you will stop having headaches. To be effective, sodium chloride must be ingested in triturated doses—the tiny, highly potent doses that we have already described. Even then, sodium chloride, or Natrum mur, will not eliminate every headache. But for certain kinds of headaches, and especially for certain kinds of people, it can work wonders. It is called for in all headaches as at least one of the constituents of a homeopathic cure.

Conditions that seem to require Natrum mur may require, in addition, natrum sulphThese two cell salts work closely together in the body. Natrum mur attracts needed moisture to the cells and regulates the amount of moisture, while natrum sulph removes excess moisture. When the body needs natrum sulph instead of Natrum mur, the symptoms of wateriness are pronounced.


One should understand that headaches are only symptoms. Aspirin dims the symptom, but it does not solve the problem that is causing it. The cause of the pain is changes in blood flow. Headaches are still not understood very well, like many other ills of modern living, but Natrum mur appears to be a good remedy for such modern maladies. These ills are often experienced as headaches. Even antibiotics can cause headaches. Stress, fatigue, loud noise, depression, and foods that disagree, such as alcohol, chocolate, and cheese, or even an argument with one’s spouse, can bring on headaches.

Sometimes the best way to handle a headache is to lie down or eat something (often, hunger is expressed by the body as a dull headache). However, hypertension and brain tumors can also cause headaches. Some people think that viruses are a cause of headaches.

Natrum mur is indicated again and again as the remedy for headaches.

The Power of Natrum mur

Natrum mur is often recommended as a treatment for more serious diseases. A famous English doctor tells how his brother, also a doctor, “had remarkable successes in treating multiple sclerosis” with Natrum mur.

Although sodium chloride is common to most living things, it is present in a much higher concentration in bodily fluids than in things such as bones and muscles. Sodium chloride’s great quality is its creation of osmotic pressure. Osmosis is important since, without it, water would lose its life-giving qualities in the body.

It is the key to many delicate and important chemical processes in the body. 

Without osmosis, body cells could not be given the nutrients and chemicals they require because cells stay in one place in the body. They know exactly the kind of nutrition they need and will reject imitations, but they cannot go hunt for it. The blood must bring the necessary nutrients, which then are transmitted to the cells by osmosis-a process controlled by sodium chloride.

The paradoxical powers of sodium chloride are demonstrated by the fact that, in homeopathic doses, it is regarded as a good antidote to hay fever, yet this same method of treating hay fever also calls for the elimination of sodium chloride in the form of table salt from the diet.

Sodium, the element, has an important synergistic relationship with potassium. Some authorities believe that an overabundance of sodium in the form of table salt can antagonize its partnership with potassium, upsetting the body’s balance and even causing such troubles as cancer and high blood pressure.

Therefore, it is best to limit table salt intake to a reasonable amount since it can build up in the body over a long period of time and cause various health problems. The primary indication of a sodium chloride deficiency is either an exceptional dryness anywhere in the body or, conversely, an overabundance of water. If you need Natrum mur, you will probably appear bloated, feel languid and drowsy, and suffer from chilly extremities. You will most likely have a pronounced craving for salt because even though you may be eating many more times the required amount with your meals, it cannot be absorbed by the body unless it is taken in minute doses.

Heart Disease

People who can be expected to respond well to Natrum mur cell salts can often be recognized by their free, watery discharges, which flow far too easily from the mucous membranes. Natrum mur, however, is also indicated in cases where the vagina is excessively dry. Natrum mur subjects also tend to be sensitive to light and heat, and they have poor circulation. They are often chilly, and their conditions appear to be aggravated by the seashore.

They are often melancholy. Fear of thunder is a symptom. Sir John Weir said that during the air raids in London during World War II, a need for Natrum mur was indicated in cases of shock. Natrum mur people often suffer from constipation, hard, dry stools, which tend to cause anal fissures, and diarrhea, sometimes alternating with constipation.

It is interesting to note that headaches and abnormal fatigue are symptoms caused by excess sodium chloride in the diet in the form of table salt, whereas these same problems often react favorably to sodium chloride in triturated doses. This seeming paradox is nothing new to homeopathy. A homeopathic remedy is proven by observing the symptoms of illness it produces in well people.

From these observations, homeopaths can expect the same mineral in homeopathic doses to cure these conditions. A considerable amount of sodium chloride powder, dissolved in water and applied externally with cotton, was an effective treatment for insect bites. Moisten the bite with a small amount of water and rub a little sodium chloride on the spot. The pain would stop almost instantly.

Dry psoriasis will usually clear up in two or three days with Natrum mur in the recommended 6x dose. Constipation is sometimes related to this condition and calls for the 3x dose. Natrum mur in the 6x dosage has also been suggested for the treatment of rheumatism (three pills, three times a day), as well as for varicose veins.

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Calcium sulphate (calc. sulph.)

Ferrum Phosphate (Ferrum phos.)

Magnesium Phosphate (Mag. phos.)

Source: Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing with Nature’s Twelve Mineral Compounds



Silica – A REMARKABLE CELL CLEANSER 1920 1080 Abbe Lang

Silica is a fascinating trace element. One of the most abundant of the earth’s solid components, silica, comes from rocks worn down by weather into dust. This dust is absorbed by plants and becomes the supportive element, or “grit,” in the plants, just as it is the supporting element in our connective tissues.

When the skin is not perspiring enough for toxic materials to be eliminated, a dose of silica is perhaps the answer. On the other hand, someone who perspires too much and produces an offensive smell should also take a silica tablet. The person should find in a few days that they will never again have to worry about the problem.

Body Odor

The effect that silica has on perspiration is a fascinating one. Usually, if a person needs this cell salt, the bottom part of their body does not sweat at all. And the smell is unpleasant-especially on the feet. At the same time, this person sweats too much on the upper part of the body. Silica will help with this kind of perspiration problem.


Silica is called for in more serious matters, too, such as when the body is trying to expel white pus in wounds. It is also a potent remedy for many kinds of headache, rheumatism, cataracts, certain types of asthma, diseased and cracked skin, and constipation, as well as the resulting fistulas and diarrhea. It is beneficial for older adults.

A German study of twenty-six patients showed that over three months of using silica, most patients avoided having surgery to remove cysts. The cysts went away totally in eighteen cases. In two cases, the silica did not affect, so surgery was necessary. In six cases, the remedy helped but was not completely successful.

Silica is the recommended remedy for boils and abscesses. It is also indicated for many different psychological problems because a lack of this essential nutrient directly affects the brain and nerve tissues.

Heat usually makes the ailments requiring silica treatment better. The cold makes them worse. If the weather has been dry and is becoming damp, expect the worst. The periods before and during thunderstorms are usually the worst for patients whose symptoms call for silica. Such patients will usually feel better when they lie down and apply heat. Pressure makes the patient feel worse. Interestingly enough, new and full moons seem to bring out the symptoms requiring silica.

Is Silica for You?

Silica is sometimes called the “homeopathic surgeon.” Before developing potent anti-infection drugs, doctors of the last century often relied entirely on silica in dangerous cases. We are not suggesting that your doctor abandon the antibiotic tools at his disposal, but this shows that silica is not a remedy to take lightly.

Why is silica such a good remedy for the skin?

It helps the epidermis eliminate wastes. Because silica hastens the bursting or popping of wounds and abscesses, it has been called the “biochemical lancet.” It was recognized long ago that this remedy sometimes eliminated the need for surgery.

Thus, it is not surprising that silica is helpful in many skin problems, from acne and itchy skin to dandruff and splitting fingernails and toenails. When your skin is dry and brittle, and your hands are always chapped, silica is indicated. Be sure that you give this remedy a reasonable amount of time to work. Take a dose two or three times a week for several weeks. Stop the use of the remedy when you see results. Try silica any time you have unhealthy skin with inflammations tending to generate pus.


Silica can dissolve the urate of soda found as deposits in arthritic joints and cases of gout. The urate of soda is flushed away through the lymphatic system (lymphatic vessels being the intermediary vessels between blood and tissues). When homeopathic silica is taken from seabeds, it is especially valuable for arthritis.

During the centuries spent on the bottom of the sea, the silica becomes impregnated with valuable trace elements. In some cases, people with arthritis who had so much pain that they were bedridden suddenly felt better after taking silica.

Indigestion and Alcohol

If you have a lot of trouble with indigestion, silica will probably prove a helpful remedy. While indigestion responds well to a homeopathic dose of silica, many of the other salts are also very helpful in solving indigestion problems. As with any condition that cell salts can help, of remedies or which single remedy is appropriate.

The essential function of silica indigestion is to prevent malabsorption of nutritional elements and consequent malnutrition and frailty. When, for whatever reason, the connective tissue is affected, it is liable to become inflamed and damage the trophic nerves, the ones that influence nutrition.

The lack of silica in these nerves, caused by the damaged cells (which can be the result of alcohol or disease), can quickly produce a condition called chronic sepsis, where poisons enter the bloodstream due to the absorption of pathogenic bacteria in the infected area.

If you are drinking alcohol with any regularity, you will probably have to learn to take silica all of the time. Do not count on getting much help from aspirin. Aspirin will provide some relief, but it is harsh on your stomach walls—where damage can be done to the digestion process. Cell salts should be able to help overcome basic chemical imbalances that are caused by the physical damage done by alcohol.

Of course, one must face the fact that the damaging effects of alcohol will result in chronic indigestion even if you take silica and other cell salts. The essential theory behind biochemistry is that the organic parts of the cell are based on inorganic salts.

When the body is fixing old cells or building new ones, the presence of the cell salts is necessary. But alcohol destroys the cells so fast that even with the proper cell salts—you cannot hope to overcome the damage it does. Sores may develop at the corners of your mouth. Sometimes you feel as if there is hair lying on the front of your tongue.

Cell salt therapy, by its very nature, calls for the most natural methods of health. Take silica and the other cell salts you need to have successful fecal elimination, but remember that high-fiber food consumption and good toilet habits are also necessary.

Earlier civilizations also had constipation problems. The ancient Egyptians had concoctions to cure constipation, and Hippocrates, in early Greece, warned against using anything too strong to empty the bowels-harsh laxatives were then considered a universal cure, as the bleeding was in the Middle Ages. But the problem has reached truly epidemic proportions today because of the kinds of foods we eat and the stresses of modern life.

Processed foods have little relationship to the vegetable materials from which they came. If we increased our intake of foods with real bulk and fiber, constipation would stop being a problem. We should simply eat more fruits and vegetables: raw vegetables, salads, whole-grain cereals, and bran help. Honey, molasses, and olive oil or flaxseed oil—are also good. In the normal diet, silica can be found in the outer part of whole wheat grain products.

Most constipation problems are due to the modern, refined diet and a lack of exercise. You would do well to double your daily intake of fluids if you suffer from constipation. Laxatives will cause an evacuation, but they will only postpone the next evacuation. The idea is to achieve a smooth and orderly elimination of wastes at whatever is your body’s natural speed.

Laxatives and Constipation

Laxatives cause more constipation than they cure. The worst laxatives are those that stimulate peristalsis—the wave-like muscle contractions that eliminate waste. The problem with stimulating your natural action is that your bowel muscles begin to need more and more laxatives to get the same effect. After a while, the muscles do not even respond naturally without laxatives. If this happens, you have become a laxative addict–with a worse constipation problem than ever.

The first step is kicking the laxative habit. Next, start taking silica. If you keep purging yourself with laxatives, the bowel’s lining becomes irritated and inflamed, and then it is excruciating to visit the toilet. Because of this, you put it off. And, again, your constipation becomes worse.


Silica is also a remedy for diarrhea. It became known as one of the greatest remedies for chronic diarrhea during the American Civil War. When soldiers became sick from sleeping on the damp ground and eating all sorts of unlikely things that affected their stomachs and bowels, and they had to face long marches from the cold North into the warm South, silica was used to cure a number of their diarrhea problems.

Menstrual Discharge Problems

Most suppressed menstruation can be helped by silica. One of the indications of a lack of silica is the tendency to abort or even become sterile. If women have vaginal discharges that are creamy in color, silica will help clear them up, especially when the flow is thick or comes in gushes.

You have probably heard stories of women eating sand during their pregnancies. Their bodies were trying to tell them something. Maybe when you were a child, you ate sand at the seashore or even in your own backyard. That could have been due to a silica deficiency. A lack of “grit” can be felt both psychologically and physically. Silica is a significant element on this earth, and in biochemistry, silica is recognized as an essential health element.

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Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies

Calcium Fluoride (calc fluor)

Calcium Phosphate (Calc. phos.)

Calcium sulphate (calc. sulph.)

Ferrum Phosphate (Ferrum phos.)

Magnesium Phosphate (Mag. phos.)

Source: Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing with Nature’s Twelve Mineral Compounds

Potassium Sulphate (Kali sulph.) – A POWERFUL CARRIER OF OXYGEN

Potassium Sulphate (Kali sulph.) – A POWERFUL CARRIER OF OXYGEN 1920 1080 Abbe Lang

Though its effects are often not as dramatic as those of other cell salts, potassium sulphate (kali sulph.) is very helpful in performing essential functions. There are some indications that this cell salt can relieve baldness, although the user would have to give it plenty of time to take effect and take it along with his particular constitutional cell salt. Remember, taking your proper constitutional cell salt can be just as crucial in dealing with a health problem as taking the remedy called for by your particular symptoms.

Kali sulph. is the biochemical cure for dandruff, and it is vital for healthy skin. You can also use it for more severe ailments, such as rheumatism and asthma. Ferrum phos. and kali sulph. work together in your body to help your blood carry oxygen to all of your cells. Ferrum phos. is said to regulate the “external breathing” and kali sulph. the “internal breathing” of cells in the exchange of gases. Both salts act in carrying oxygen, although some people believe that kali sulph. can carry oxygen where ferrum phos. cannot.

The kali sulph. cell salt is credited with building new skin cells, which is quite helpful when the old ones have been damaged or killed due to disease. This remedy is nearly always prescribed, together with some other essential cell salts, to treat skin problems.

Kali sulph, and Pulsatilla

Kali sulph. has a strong relationship with pulsatilla, an important homeopathic remedy. Pulsatilla is a more complex compound than kali sulph.; however, kali sulph., kali phos., calc. sulph., and possibly silica are the active homeopathic agents. Of these ingredients, kali sulph. is the dominant one.

The symptoms (such as a need for fresh air) indicating a need for kali sulph. or pulsatilla are remarkably similar. And the two remedies help similar ailments. Kali sulph. is to biochemical medicine what pulsatilla is to homeopathic medicine.

Both kali sulph. and pulsatilla, for example, is useful in treating vertigo, when just looking up makes the patient feel as if they are falling. If you have a constricting headache that makes you feel as if a metal band has been put around your head, as if your head were in a vise, the doctor could prescribe either pulsatilla or kali sulph., depending on other indications.

If you need kali sulph. or pulsatilla, standing still or lying down makes you feel worse, and you probably have eye problems—dim vision, dark colors before the eyes, and itchy, swollen eyelids. You may feel that you have lost your sense of smell, or you may suffer from a toothache. Kali sulph. is an important remedy for a dry, mucus-filled sore throat in the morning and difficulties in swallowing, and pulsatilla helps these symptoms too.

Kali sulph. is especially effective in treating hoarseness that becomes worse in the evening. Both kali sulph. and pulsatilla is used in cases of irregular menstruation, heart palpitations, and pimples. The only difference between the two is that patients need kali sulph. are obstinate, while patients who need pulsatilla are milder in temperament.

Hair and Skin

Older people tend to suffer from dry skin. Kali sulph. is a lubricating agent in the body, and it can help the skin when the necessary oils have dried up. It has been used in treating sticky and scaly dandruff, eczema, and hot, dry, harsh skin.

Kali sulph. is good for burning and itching hands and for crawling, stinging sensations in the skin. The remedy, which can be taken orally as a constitutional remedy or dissolved in water and applied directly with a cotton swab, will aid in removing or curing liver spots, herpes eruptions, pimples, psoriasis, and scaly eruptions arising from a moist face. There have been reports of kali sulph. curing ringworm.

In all skin conditions, one’s emotional state is a big factor. Therefore, be sure that the remedy for your mental state is being used concurrently. If your mental state also indicates that you need kali sulph., so much the better. Then you really know you are using the correct remedy.

Often, when a kali sulph. deficiency shows up, it does so as yellowish, slimy matter emerging out of papules on the skin. It is believed that kali sulph. clears up such conditions, as it carries oxygen and destroys worn-out cells. In this, it works with ferrum phos.

Thus, in many skin inflammations, as well as in internal inflammations, kali sulph. is definitely the remedy. Treat skin problems with kali sulph. three times a day in the 6x potency, by mouth or applied to the skin. Kali sulph. will help painful warts, fungus rashes, and painful red eruptions, as well as measles-like rashes and dry skin. Eczema responds well to this remedy when the discharge is yellowish. In cases of dandruff that can be helped by kali sulph., another related symptom is often a dry and scaly lower lip. Another indication of a need for kali sulph. is a yellowish tongue.


If you have pains in your joints that are eased when you walk in the open air, you may have the sort of rheumatism that can be helped by kali sulph. If you have pain in the lumbar region of your back during menstruation while sitting, or even while walking, kali sulph. is the cell salt treatment indicated. If you need kali sulph., your pains will seem to “wander around,” and your hands and feet will feel cold.

Rheumatism is a complex disease, of course, so you must check your symptoms carefully in the Simplified Remedy Guide. If you have headaches in a warm atmosphere and in the evening and your back, neck, and limbs ache, try kali sulph. Give it time to work.

Some people feel it is a miracle worker in cases of rheumatism. Another sign that you might need kali sulph. for your rheumatism is experiencing restless sleeping after three or so in the morning because of soreness. Getting up and walking around will usually make things worse. This is the time to take kali sulph. so that you can get back to bed and have a restful night’s sleep.

Other Indications

If a woman’s menstrual period is scanty or suppressed, her abdomen feels full, and her tongue is yellow, she is suffering from a potassium sulphate deficiency.

Kali sulph. is also one of the remedies usually prescribed for asthma, especially bronchial asthma, when the lungs are filled with loose, yellowish matter that is easily coughed up.

If you develop a cough and the mucus in your throat seems to be falling back and is yellow, you should try kali sulph. If diarrhea tends to be yellowish, and your stool is black, thin, and smells offensive, you need this powerful carrier of oxygen. Kali sulph. is sometimes indicated in gastric problems.

In cases of a yellow vaginal discharge, kali sulph. should be an effective treatment. Kali sulph. also helps piles. It is a potent remedy, useful in many sorts of ailments.

Best uses:

  • Take after exercising
  • Depletion of this mineral causes vertigo, heart palpitations, anxiety, sadness, toothache, headache, pain in the limbs
  • Chronic disease
  • secretion of yellow mucus
  • Pancreas
  • Liver
  • Catarrh
  • Hair falling out
  • Bronchitis
  • Pneumonia with wheezing
  • Suffocative feeling in humid weather
Potassium chloride (kali mur.)


Potassium Chloride (Kali mur.): THE REMEDY FOR SLUGGISH, RUN-DOWN CONDITIONS 1920 1080 Abbe Lang

Potassium chloride (kali mur.) is subtle in its action and may be overshadowed by the more dramatic cell salts such as ferrum phos and nature mir. Nevertheless, kali our is as important as the others. It is an important constituent of the muscles, nerve cells, and brain cells. In fact, brain cells cannot form without this cell salt. It should almost always be used with ferrum phos. to fight fevers. Cell salt practitioners have believed that kali mur. is the cell salt that builds the nitrogenous protein fiber, fibrin.

In many ways, kali mur. resembles kali sulph. and is indicated of the same problems. There is, however, one big difference: Whether the problem is constipation, diarrhea, or nasal or bronchial catarrh, the color of exudations requiring kali mur. tends to be white rather than yellow, as in discharges that indicate a need for kali sulph. Cell salt practitioners sometimes give kali mur. when nothing else seems to work, it is helpful in treating chronic ailments, especially where severe inflammation is involved. It should be given routinely, along with ferrum phos., for colds and other catarrhal conditions. It is also prescribed for certain kinds of rheumatism, as is kali sulph.

A Powerful Cleanser

Kali mur, can help destroy the body’s wastes when the body is uses white sugar to make the delicious concoctions you eat (and how many pastry chefs use anything else?), you will probably develop that sluggish, run-down condition that many people take kali mur. to get rid of!

When you take kali mur. for your liver, take it in the 12x dose three times a day. This dosage is about the same amount of kali mur. that occurs naturally in a healthy blood cell. A tired liver can be the cause of the sluggish, run-down feeling from which so many Americans suffer. Another way this wonderful cell salt might help sufferers relieve sluggishness is by thinning the blood, so that less energy is expended as it is pumped through the arteries.

Regaining Youthful Energy

It will take more than just cell salts to bring back the energy you had when you were younger, but cell salts, especially kali mur., can help. The right diet, including enough vitamins and minerals, is supremely important. With kali mur., you should begin to develop new vitality and energy.

Kali mur. should be given when a fever begins to recede. This is because this remedy is a building agent. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to help a body that is recovering from disease or infection.


Just as kali sulph. is good in cases of rheumatism, so is kali mur., which seems to ease the swelling in cells concerned with excretion and absorption in cases of inflammation, rheumatic or gouty pain. One difference between the two remedies is that when motion brings on pain, kali mur. is indicated, while when walking makes the pain disappear, kali sulph. is indicated. You will also have a telltale white or grayish tongue when you need kali mur., rather than the yellow one that indicates you need kali sulph.


Earaches can be dangerous as well as annoying. If you have a persistent earache or a discharge from your ears, kali mur is one of the main treatments for earaches. It should be used along with ferrum phos. in cases where the earache is accompanied by inflammation or fever, along with the treatment prescribed by your doctor.

Kali mur. is most useful when the inflammation has started receding and the membranes are thickening, so much so that sometimes the person’s hearing can be lost. Kali mur. works to pre-from the body through the ear’s mucous membranes.

Other Uses

You can apply kali mur. directly to boils and carbuncles to prevent further swelling. Kali mur. is also used to treat anemia that is accompanied by skin eruptions. If you have backaches for which you have taken ferrum phos., with no success, try kali mur. Tablets of kali mur. can be pulverized and the powder applied to first- and even second-degree burns.

Loud stomach-originating coughs and short acute coughs require kali mur. Always check for a white tongue, of course. If eye problems are accompanied by a white discharge, try kali mur.

If you have trouble digesting fatty foods, you suffer from flatulence, or your liver is sluggish, try kali mur. If you get gastritis from drinking hot liquids, you need kali mur. Also, if you have stomach aches, accompanied by constipation, try this cell salt. If your sleep is restless and you are easily disturbed, kali mur. will enable you once again to enjoy a refreshing night’s sleep.

Best uses: 

Croup, epilepsy, glandular swelling, bad effects of vaccinations(add Kalium alum sulph)

Useful applications: 

Glandular swelling, meningitis, white ulcers in the mouth, enlarged tonsils, kidney and bladder inflammations,bronchitis, swelling around the joints, warts,  

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Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies

Calcium Fluoride (calc fluor)

Calcium Phosphate (Calc. phos.)

Calcium sulphate (calc. sulph.)

Ferrum Phosphate (Ferrum phos.)

Magnesium Phosphate (Mag. phos.)

Source: Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing with Nature’s Twelve Mineral Compounds

Potassium Phosphate: (Kali phos.); SOOTHER OF JANGLED NERVES

Potassium Phosphate: (Kali phos.); SOOTHER OF JANGLED NERVES 1920 1080 Abbe Lang

Рotassium phosphate (kali phos.) is the cell salt that works wonders on jangled nerves. Nowadays, it is a miracle that any of us can keep our cool. Tempers flare, and life has more problems than ever before. Luckily for us, however, Dr. Schuessler, working in the German countryside many years ago, discovered that kali phos. helps to calm irritable tempers, and his discoveries remain pertinent today.

Kali phos. is the cell salt that helps people when they become depressed or when they suffer from headaches due to nervousness. It has helped insomniacs enjoy a refreshing night’s sleep.

Kali phos. is the most important of the three potassium remedies in the twelve-remedy cell salt group. This remedy is prescribed to banish irritability, worry, overexcitement, over-work, and depression-even that awful extreme depression that makes even the simplest task seem a veritable Mt. Everest to be conquered.

Kali phos. has even helped people who have suffered from grief, sorrow, and despair for long periods of time-people to whom life has seemed wearing rather than joyful. These people have taken this remedy, recovered, and begun to live happy, productive lives. Kali phos. is often prescribed for senility, weak memory, and forgetfulness. If a busy executive or an overworked student becomes tired from too much mental exercise, kali phos. can provide soothing relief.

Kali phos. appears to restore direction and order to both the mind and the body. It seems to act as a stabilizing influence when vitality is flagging in the face of adversity. It can be an effective sedative if a person is suffering from restless anxiety and fears that are almost paralyzing.

Potassium operates as a “detergent” in the large intestine and alimentary canal. It is vital to the action of the heart. Some people believe that the answer to cancer lies buried somewhere in the secret of potassium’s chemical action. It is known that the “secret of life” is hidden in the cells and the chemical changes there energize the cells, giving them life.

For the biochemical preparation of kali phos., potassium is mixed with phosphoric acid until the solution is slightly alkaline (as opposed to acid). Phosphoric acid is vital to brain chemistry because it combines with other substances and becomes part of the gray matter of the brain.

A Remedy For Heart and Soul

Depression is just about the most awful thing that a person can endure. Often the person is not even sure why he or she is depressed, which makes it even worse. Kali phos. is recommended for people who have irrational fears. Such people are afraid that a hundred and one calamitous things are going to happen to them. This is not a rare problem; millions of people suffer from this mental malady, perhaps even you.

Do you sometimes lose your appetite? Do noises, even small ones, drive you crazy until you are ready to scream, “I can’t stand it anymore”? Does one more truck with squealing brakes or rumbling by on an overpass, or another helicopter overhead, or the kids outside in the driveway drive you to distraction?

Do you dread noise? If you suffer from this sort of mental state, kali phos. is just what the doctor ordered. Do you wake easily? Does your memory play tricks on you? Do you suffer from a vague feeling of homesickness? These symptoms indicate a kali phos. deficiency. Do you need to withdraw from society? Depression can occur during a period of self-doubt, pressure, worry-when you feel you do not know what to do. But now you do know. Take kali phos.


Headaches are not easy to treat, as modern medicine and science can tell you. In the chapter about natrum mur., you learned about the major remedy for headaches. But kali phos. is a good remedy to take, along with whatever else is indicated, if you have a “nervous headache.” Nervous headaches are often related to conditions that depress or worry you, even though you may not clearly understand or realize the cause.

All of the phosphate cell salts are recommended when a headache is located over the eyes. One should take kali phos. in alternation with mag. phos., with or without natrum phos.

Headaches are most often helped by kali phos. are those brought on by, or in connection with, irritability and fatigue. If you yawn a lot, your ears hum, and you just do not feel like staying up, but your symptoms disappear when things suddenly start looking interesting or when you eat, you probably need kali phos. Headaches resulting from too much mental exertion will be helped by this remedy, too. It is especially helpful for students who develop headaches around examination time.

Other Indications

Generally, symptoms require kali phos. are worse in the morning and evening and persist into the night.

The person suffering from these symptoms will often find that he or she feels better after getting up and slowly walking around. Cold air makes the symptoms worse; fasting may make the symptoms better.

Aching pains

Aching pains are connected with a kali phos. deficiency. They seem to tear down and can be almost paralyzing. If you are worn to a frazzle by your job; if life has dealt you a series of blows; if you feel hopeless—try kali phos. as your constitutional remedy. It could change your life!

If you find that your sense of humor is becoming more and more contrary, just for the sake of contrariness, but you might need kali phos. If, in general, you find that you are indifferent to your surroundings, your finances, your family, and, finally, yourself, you probably need kali phos.

If your vision is blurred or you see colors before your eyes, floating black spots, or halo effects, your vision could be improved by kali phos. If your ears are swollen, pulsating, or twitching; if suffer from a cough with your colds; if your nervousness gets you the best of you; if you develop a case of hay fever; if your nose is obstructed or swollen; if your gums are swollen, burning, and red—you need kali phos. Of course, if you have a serious infection, you should not attempt to treat it by yourself. See a doctor.

One important use for kali phos. is to eliminate certain offensive body odors. It can also eliminate bitterness in your mouth and nervous chattering of your teeth. Certain kinds of coughs are best treated with kali phos., such as hacking coughs, short, spasmodic coughs, and coughs from asthma (kali phos. is the specific remedy for asthmatic coughs).

One of the main physiological applications of kali phos. is in the treatment of angina pectoris. It is taken along with mag. phos. Naturally, if you have chest pains you should see a doctor. But after you have seen your doctor and he or she has begun treatment, you should go to your health food store or homeopathic pharmacy and buy some kali phos.

Everything connected with heart trouble can be treated with this cell salt-in conjunction, of course, with whatever your own physician prescribes. When the heart is full of fat or is degenerating, the lungs are inflamed, or there is pain in the chest, this wonderful soother should be taken on a regular basis.

Best uses:

  • Depression of the mind
  • Hypochondria with hysteria
  • Exhaustion, loss of mental vigor
  • Muscular debility
  • Spleen
  • Discharge, foul and offensive
  • Neuralgic pains
  • Bad Breath

Mental Symptoms: 

nervous dread without any cause, gloomy mood, looks on the dark side of everything,   homesickness, longing for past times, night terrors, oversensitive to noise, memory weakness, 

Physical Symptoms:

Stomach ulcers, loss of memory, vertigo when rising from a chair, threatened miscarriage MOST IMPORTANT FOR PREGNANCY, hayfever, bleeding gums (add ferr phos, calc phos, calc flour)

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Calcium Fluoride (calc fluor)

Calcium Phosphate (Calc. phos.)

Calcium sulphate (calc. sulph.)

Ferrum Phosphate (Ferrum phos.)

Magnesium Phosphate (Mag. phos.)

Source: Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing with Nature’s Twelve Mineral Compounds

Magnesium Phosphate (Mag. phos.): AN AMAZING ANTISPASMODIC REMEDY

Magnesium Phosphate (Mag. phos.): AN AMAZING ANTISPASMODIC REMEDY 150 150 Abbe Lang

Magnesium phosphate (mag. phos.) is one of the most remarkable cell salt remedies. While it is very powerful by itself, it is also closely allied with the two other phosphate cell salts-calc. phos, and kali phos. All of the phosphates are prescribed for ailments of the nerves. It is as a result of our nerves that we feel pain, and when the nerves themselves are affected and thus cause pain, the result is doubly miserable.

A Healthy Team

Although phosphates are often used to treat similar ailments, it is important to understand the differences between them. Calcium and magnesium belong to the same group of elements, the “earth alkalis,” which also include barium and strontium. The ions of magnesium and calcium are “synergistic”; that is, they produce certain reactions in combination that they cannot change. 

Calcium “tightens” cell membranes and magnesium increase their permeability. Calcium is found mostly in the bones, and magnesium is found mostly in solution in the soft tissues. According to some experts, persons who suffer from a calcium deficiency compared this difference to the differences between yin and yang deficiency are apt to be restless. 

Calcium and magnesium are important elements in body structure, but sodium and potassium are important primarily in body fluids. Calcium and magnesium reduce tissue irritability, but sodium and potassium aggravate it.

The Mag. phos. Personality

People who suffer from a magnesium phosphate deficiency tend to reflect this in their personalities. They suffer from constantly changing emotional ups and downs. On the other hand, people who suffer from a calcium phosphate deficiency are apt to be slow and plodding. It is not surprising to learn that the primary function of mag. phos. is in correcting violent ailments. Spasms that affect the connective muscles, intestines, retinas, and blood vessels; dizziness; migraines; and even nausea and cold sweats can be helped by this remedy.

People who need mag. phos. may look somewhat like people who need calc. phos.; that is, thin and weak, and they often have nutritional or allergy problems. They tend to be plagued by cramps and nervousness. It has also been noted that both types tend to have dark complexions.

Magnesium and Good Health

Magnesium is actually quite plentiful in the body, considering that it is a “trace element.” The amount of magnesium in the body is exceeded only by the quantities of calcium, potassium, and sodium. Magnesium is a factor in helping the blood remain alkaline, and it works with phosphorus to rebuild the nerves. It helps harden the dental enamel as calcium does. 

Magnesium phosphate is needed by the brain, the heart, and the muscles to relax. It has only been during the last decade or so that the role of magnesium in the body has been appreciated by health authorities who are not cell salt practitioners.

It has now been definitely established that a lack of magnesium will produce such symptoms as unsteady handwriting, muscle twitching, tremors, and sweating. A lack of magnesium has also been connected with such diseases as intestinal malabsorption, alcoholism, severe diarrhea, chronic liver disease, and others. Magnesium deficiency will cause confusion, personality changes, and an altered heartbeat.

The Danger of Over-Refined Foods

The major sources of magnesium in the diet are green leaves, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. But Americans often do not get enough magnesium from their diets because all of the magnesium is in the outer layers of unprocessed foods, which are thrown away in the usual milling and refining to which our foods are subjected. In addition, biochemists believe that even if you are getting enough of the necessary cell salts in your diet, these cell salts will not necessarily get to those places in the body where a specific deficiency is causing a problem. That is why it may be necessary to take cell salt tablets when your symptoms call for them. 

The symptoms that indicate that you have a magnesium deficiency are generally improved by heat and pressure. In other words, if you suffer from localized pains or neuralgia, that becomes better when you apply warmth and becomes worse when you go outside mag. phos. is your remedy.

Pains in the bowels, cramps in the stomach, pains in the spinal cord, convulsions, cramps from prolonged exertion, stiffness, numbness, awkwardness-these are all ailments that call for mag. Phos. antispasmodic remedy, since several hours’ labor each day over Pianists, for example, can be helped immensely by this powerful keyboard can make hands stiff.

Mag. phos, can help ease nervous asthma, heart palpitations, angina pectoris, various kinds of shooting pains, constrictive spasms of the vagina, flatulence, limb jerking, and hay fever.

Neuralgia and Headaches

Certain kinds of neuralgia pains are especially likely to respond to treatment with mag. phos. These pains are spasmodic, almost violent, darting, and deep. They are sharp and intense. Excruciating cramps that tend to come on in the evenings and are soothed by warmth and aggravated by cold will probably be relieved by this cell salt remedy.

In some people, these pains disappear quickly when mag. phos. is taken. In other cases, the remedy must be taken for a longer period of time. The effects of cell salts are often subtle, but they are powerful and long-lasting. Cell salts are essentially nutritional, but they achieve a therapeutic effect. So if you take a remedy for a while with high expectations, it will have a better chance to work overtime.

When magnesium salts are lacking in the body, the result is a pain that moves from place to place and is recurrent. The pain may show up in the head, in the stomach and bowels, and even in the ovaries and limbs.

Doctors have had success in giving patients mag. phos. Tablets this powerful remedy. It seems to work for both young and old, instead of aspirin for bad pain. Toothaches have been cured with stomach pains. 


Both calc. phos, and mag. phos. are recommended for most kinds of cramps. The general recommendation is to take the mag. Phos. in the 6x dose before meals and the calc. phos. in the same potency after meals. Dissolve five tablets of each cell salt in hot water and sip the water. Repeat this procedure every three hours. 

These remedies should help various kinds of cramps, such as those resulting from prolonged exertion, including stiffness and numbness from writer’s cramp and cramps suffered by craftsmen or laborers who must hold their tools for long periods. Cramps occurring in the bowels and the stomach, the throat, and the larynx, and the corners of the mouth also respond well to this antispasmodic. 

Other Uses:

Applied on water-soaked cotton swabs, mag. phos. will help insect bites around the knees, ankles, and elbows, according to Dr. Schuessler. Insomnia that is caused by emotional turmoil can be aided by this remedy. Intense rheumatic toothaches that are soothed by heat will also improve with mag. phos., as will an urge to urinate frequently.

Like all cell salt remedies, mag. phos. is especially good for certain types of people. This does not mean, of course, that if you are not that type, you will not be helped by mag. phos. It does mean that if you are that type, your chances of being helped are especially good. The “mag. phos. person” is a thin person with a dark complexion and a lean, nervous look. The nervous look is sometimes expressed by intensely staring eyes. For such people, mag. phos. is a constitutional remedy, which means that this cell salt will cure many of their ailments, even if it is less effective for others.

People who need mag. phos. will often appear tired and will sit motionless in stony silence. Or they may pace to and fro. If a person has a tendency to stammer or cry or he or she complains of cold, especially up and down the spine, mag. phos. will help. 

Finally, here are two more indications of a magnesium phosphate deficiency: a thirst for cold drinks and sugar with an aversion to coffee and a feeling of drowsiness. If from ten to eleven in trying mag. phos. the morning and four to five in the afternoon you suffer from headaches, mag. phos. can help you. If your brain feels as if it were swishing about and you feel a tightness in your head, consider If your throat is so sore that swallowing causes pain, you have a dry cough that is so severe that it is difficult for you to speak, or In general, excruciating pain and extreme exhaustion are signs that indicate to the intelligent observer that he needs mag. phos. If you are choking or retching, mag. phos. can be the cure.

Cramps and pains are also helped by the direct application of magnesium phosphate. This powerful antispasmodic holds the key to many ailments. When it is used correctly, it can affect the most miraculous of cures.

Useful Applications summarized:

Headache; face-ache; toothache; pain in limbs; diarrhea, spasms, whooping cough, lockjaw, cramps in the calves; hiccough; tetanus; colic in newborns, writers cramp, epilepsy, tics, angina, heart palpitations, stuttering.

Fast-acting cell salt

If Mag Phos does not releive your pain use Kalium bromatum 12x, its double the strength for pain

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Ferrum Phosphate (Ferrum phos.): THE PRE-EMINENT BIOCHEMICAL REMEDY

Ferrum Phosphate (Ferrum phos.): THE PRE-EMINENT BIOCHEMICAL REMEDY 150 150 Abbe Lang

Ferrum phos. is known as the primary biochemical first-aid remedy because it carries oxygen throughout the body and strengthens the walls of the blood vessels, especially the arteries. Since blood that is rich in oxygen is essential to vital health and long life, ferrum phos. is the first remedy to consider, especially for congestion, inflammation, high temperature, or rapid pulse. This is true even if the symptoms seem to indicate another remedy.

However, it is important to understand that ferrum phos. is not a cure for anemia. Anemia is a complicated disorder that must be important to keep in mind as you read this chapter. You were attended to by a doctor. In this form, it works more subtly, but these minute doses lead to profound effects in the long run and are health-giving as the best of medicines. Iron in minute doses should be prescribed for anemia-related symptoms.

But ferrum phos. It is good for almost everything that ails you because it is the cell salt most directly concerned with the blood, and the blood is the first place to look for health and sickness. Ferrum phos.’s best uses may be depression, tiredness, and dizziness. These are common complaints in every doctor’s office, and usually, these symptoms indicate a need for ferrum phos. Few doctors, unfortunately, are familiar with the use of iron in minute doses. And not all of them are aware of another cure for the symptoms mentioned above-elimination of white sugar from the diet. Depression and weakness can result from an excessive intake of white sugar. If you take ferrum phos. and eliminate white sugar from your diet, you may find that tiredness is no longer a problem.

Who Needs Ferrum phos.?

Signs that you need ferrum phos. (and almost everybody does in some way) are: weakness and general debility with a constant desire to lie down and rest, rheumatism and rheumatic conditions, and anemia. 

If you suspect that you are anemic, you should be under a doctor’s supervision. Another indication that you need ferrum phos. is an aggravation of your symptoms when you are in the open air. Also, there is often a rush of blood to the brain, causing dizziness. 

Are you a likely candidate for ferrum phos. treatment? 

If physical exertion tires you easily and your vitality is low if you have trouble concentrating and dealing with problems, if you have trouble recalling names and are easily irritated—especially with yourself, if you like to be alone, if you flush easily, then ferrum phos. probably is your remedy.

Menstrual-Related Problems

Ferrum phos. is often indicated for women with problems similar to those of Jane P., and it seems to be a woman’s cure (which is not to say, of course, that men cannot often benefit from this wonderful cell salt). Debbie S., a 15-year-old girl who suffered from anemia, also had terrible neuralgia in her right side. As is typical of problems that call for ferrum phos., her symptoms were worse in the morning. In her case, ferrum phos. produced some relief in the first two days and a total cure in a week. 

It cannot be a mere coincidence that ferrum phos. helps pregnant women. For example, if one of your symptoms during pregnancy is vomiting foods, which leaves an acid taste, ferrum phos, is recommended. 

Digestive Problems

Ferrum phos. can be good for digestion, especially if you have intermittent attacks of vomiting. It is sometimes useful in the first stages of peritonitis when the abdominal area is painful to the touch. A patient in need of ferrum phos. is often constipated, which means that if you frequently suffer from that malady, some ferrum phos. would be an excellent idea. Diarrhea can also be involved, especially if it includes blood-stained mucus. Blood in the stool can indicate a serious problem. If you have blood in your stool, see a doctor immediately.


Whenever you feel a cold coming on, you should immediately reach for ferrum phos. The symptoms that ferrum phos has created in homeopathic provings are similar to cold symptoms: a run-down feeling, depression, a desire to be alone, and vomiting. Some biochemists believe that a lack of ferrum phos. is often the cause of the common cold. When there is an iron deficiency, the blood is drawn away from the skin and outlying parts of the body to concentrate in important areas such as the heart, lungs, liver, brain, and stomach. 

The skin’s pores are consequently closed, and there is an accumulation of non-functional matter thrown out by the mucous membranes. This accumulation is the cause of the characteristic discharges of colds, pneumonia, and pleurisy. This is why you should always think of ferrum phos. when you feel the scratchy throat, hot forehead, and runny nose that signal the start of a cold. 

Often, people come down with colds when they are tired or discouraged. In these cases, the treatment for the cold happily coincides with the treatment for their depressed feelings. It appears that people have some control over the conditions that allow the cold virus to flourish. 

The viruses are real enough, of course, which is why doctors recommend bed rest for colds. Obviously, if despite your treatment with ferrum phos. And other cell salts the infection survives for more than a few days, or if your health changes radically, indicating serious complications, you should call your doctor. Generally, however, colds do not develop into pneumonia by themselves. The infections are not the same, and one does not automatically produce the other.

Although colds are a nuisance and sometimes very unpleasant, many people frankly enjoy the attention that a cold will get them. For such people, colds may be a blessing in disguise.

When you get a cold, you might try some of the prepackaged cialized cell salt combinations that treat the Ferrum phos. helps with bronchitis, too. 


Ferrum phos. is said to have a great effect on fevers. Cell salt advocates believe that illness is produced by erratic molecular movements rather than by measurable deficiencies, and fever occurs when the molecules within the body speed up too much. Ferrum phos. tempers the human body to make it less hard and more yielding or more elastic.

It is usually best to use ferrum phos. with other cell salts. You can decide whether it might be needed for you by studying the symptoms described in this chapter. Some people believe that where ferrum phos. is needed, so are certain other cell salt remedies because of their close connection with it. Kali mur. is one of these co-workers, as is kali phos. Ferrum phos. It is helpful in so many cases that one is almost tempted to prescribe it generally as a preventative health problem. 

Other Uses:

Ferrum phos. is especially recommended for loss of voice or hoarseness due to irritation of the throat. 

Ferrum phos. is also a biochemical remedy for rheumatism. 

Useful Applications

  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Meningitis
  • Pleuritis
  • Vertigo from the rush of blood
  • Ear pain
  • Ear infections
  • Noises in the ear
  • Toothache with hot cheeks
  • Hemorrhoids bleeding
  • Measles
  • Eye inflammation
  • Cough 1st stage
  • Scarlet fever
  • Measles
  • Chickenpox
  • Gastritis
  • Laryngitis

External uses

  • Sunburns
  • Bee stings
  • Wounds
  • Sprains
  • hemorrhoids

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