Sodium Sulphate (Natrum sulph.) - A MIRACULOUS REMEDY FOR ASTHMA

Sodium Sulphate (Natrum sulph.) – A MIRACULOUS REMEDY FOR ASTHMA

Sodium sulphate (natrum sulph), which is produced by the action of sulphuric acid on common table salt, occurs naturally in large quantities in many salt lakes. When it is manufactured, its common name is Glauber’s salt; but for use as a cell salt remedy, natrum sulph is always obtained directly from natural sources.

Sodium chloride attracts water to the body tissues, and natrum sulph regulates the carrying of water away from the body tissues.

Of course, this process has many health benefits, making sodium sulphate a remedy for many ailments—including such diverse ones as asthma, diabetes, influenza, and old head injuries—just because of its powerful influence on the waste-removing process of the body’s cells.


Natrum sulph is, in fact, the main cell salt remedy for asthma. Ailments that are aggravated by dampness, fog, and wet weather are “provings” of this cell salt; asthma is certainly made worse by dampness, fog, and wet weather.

A hard, asthmatic cough, with thick expectoration and a constant desire to take long, deep breaths, is a strong sign that you need natrum sulph. In addition, hay fever that comes on during a damp, chilly day or during a hot, humid day is a further indication that natrum sulph can help you.

No one knows why natrum sulph is a good treatment in asthma cases, but doctors have reported case after case where it cured long-standing asthma completely. Perhaps this is due to its ability to attract twice its bulk in water-containing waste products and then remove this waste from the bloodstream. Or possibly the amazing results are related to its incredible ability to heal the mucous membranes. Whatever the reason, consider sodium sulphate your ally if you suffer from asthma.

It is possible that the powers of this amazing remedy are due to the fact that it is a “super” cell salt—that is, it works in the fluids between the cells, acting as part of the process that enables the cells to discern what they need in the fluids outside themselves and what substances are harmful and must be eliminated. Sodium sulphateh acts as a “sensor” and has the ability to aid the cells in finding sustenance.

Natrum sulph in Combination

Natrum sulph is a good treatment alone as well as in combination. A biochemical “cocktail” of natrum sulph and silica is a potent tonic for asthma attacks. The silica will help with the symptoms of asthma, and the natrum sulph gets right to the root of the malady. Many of the other cell salts will be helpful in specific kinds of asthma (check the Simplified Remedy Guide for these). Natrum sulph, however, is the number one asthma remedy. 

Diabetes and Digestion

Diabetes is another disease that natrum sulph has been successful in treating. Years ago, when insulin was discovered, everyone thought that diabetes was finished as a life-threatening disease.

However, diabetics frequently develop fatal side effects, including cardiac failure. Some medical authorities believe that increased dietary intake of sugar is the cause of the dramatic increase in cases of diabetes.

Sodium sulphate can play an enormous role in treating many problems related to digestion, which is why it is sometimes an important treatment in diabetes. It has also been helpful to people with gallbladder troubles. Of course, if you have gallbladder problems, you should not treat yourself; see your doctor. 


Natrum sulph was said to cure the flu by Dr. Charles S. Vaught, who added that excessive catarrh, itching, scabies, or eczema are all signs of a sodium sulphate deficiency. Dr. Vaught himself was suffering from influenza in its earliest stages and “headed it off at the pass” by taking natrum sulph. Other doctors have reported curing difficult cases of influenza by using this remedy. 

One authority on biochemistry suggests dissolving two or three tablets each of ferrum phos, natrum sulph, and kali murin in a glass of hot water and sipping it when influenza threatens. The doses, in the 6x potency, should be repeated every thirty minutes.

Head Injuries

An interesting characteristic of natrum phos is its ability to help in cases of head injuries. In this era of busy freeways and city streets, we can easily be involved in accidents having long-lasting effects.

 Other Benefits

Natrum sulph cell salts largely control the action of the liver according to biochemical theory. During a spell of humid, oppressive weather, a few doses of this cell salt will help you to recover from that sluggish, run-down feeling.

A deficiency in natrum sulph can result in a number of psychological symptoms. Irritability, often a symptom of our fast-paced modern life, is the foremost indication of this. Natrum sulph will yield fast, comforting results, provided that the short temper you have is due to a sodium sulphate deficiency rather than just irritating in-laws or overdue bills.

Natrum sulph is a natural sleeping potion. If you have trouble falling asleep and have restless dreams, if your sleep is unrefreshing if you find yourself waking too early or too frequently, then a dose of natrum sulph every hour, beginning a few hours before bedtime, will do what the prescription medicines promise. 

Moreover, this cell salt remedy is completely harmless. There is no way that you can become addicted to it. When you have taken it for a very short period of time, you will discover that your sleep-related problems will disappear, giving you the refreshed appearance and peace of mind that come with improved sleep.

Also, if you find yourself getting cold in bed at night, especially in the hands or lower limbs, consider sodium sulphate your natural electric blanket.

Feelings of discouragement are another indication that may need sodium sulphate. Most people have a hard time getting started in the morning. However, if you always feel depressed and despondent in the morning, think of natrum sulph, which, if taken regularly as prescribed here, will bring you a much brighter mental outlook.

Natrum sulph is also often helpful in cases of gout and in alleviating pain connected with teeth and dentistry. Many illnesses for which this remedy is indicated really call for all three of the biochemical sodium remedies: natrum mur, natrum sulph, and natrum phos. You are advised to take a combination of these three cell salts if you are irritable due to biliousness, if you have a headache centered in the top of your head, if you suffer from dizziness, if you suffer from drowsiness, or if you have anxious dreams or nightmares.

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Source: Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing with Nature’s Twelve Mineral Compounds

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