Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies

Unlike choosing between thousands of homeopathic remedies, you can master the twelve cell salt remedies, giving the body amazing healing benefits. Because of their simplicity and accessibility, the average person can easily learn how to use them effectively for many health problems.

Dr. Schuessler, a brilliant man, was influenced by the work of Dr. Rudolph Virchow, the father of modern pathology. Dr. Virchow theorized that diseases are signs of change in cell metabolism. Dr. Schussler researched that when the human cell is reduced to ashes, only twelve minerals remain.

Cell Salts are necessary when the cells are lacking in certain nutrients.

This creates a cellular imbalance. If you take a cell salt remedy, you are supplying a micro-nutrient that enables your body to rebuild itself on a cellular level.

Medical research has shown that disease begins on the cellular level. For example, healthy cells require two mutations to become cancerous. If you understand how to maintain healthy cell function, you could possibly prevent these mutations from occurring. I’m not claiming that taking cell salts prevents these mutations, but taking care of your health from the inside out at this cellular level is certainly a good insurance policy in keeping yourself healthy.

There is no mystery surrounding cell salts and their health benefits. If you suffer from a common cold, for instance, you can take the cell salt that will relieve your body of your cold symptoms.

It is important to understand that cell salts do no harm. Even if your body does not need the particular cell salt you are taking.

Each cell salt performs a specific function in the body’s vital processes. Each person will have specific characteristic symptoms that point to the need for a particular cell salt.

Over the next 12 weeks, I will be going over all tissue salt remedies and their most popular uses. There are 8 precautions that I will share with you also as well as dosage instructions.

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