Calcium sulphate (calc. sulph.), also known as plaster of Paris or gypsum, has been used for years in medicine as a healing agent. In small doses, calc. sulph. is a healer of wounds and works together with silica.

Skin Ailments

Since the skin can undergo many kinds of external wounds, it’s good to know that you can look to calc. sulph. as a remedy. This cell salt is considered a purifier of the blood. 

Other cell salts are of particular importance in healing skin problems: 

  • Kali sulph.
  • Calc. phos. 
  • Natrum mur. 
  • Silica. 

Calc. sulph. is important because its function as an eliminator of waste materials makes it a key to preventing new infection. Eggshells are made of this material, and farmers use it in the soil to improve the color of grapes. 

But it was the cell salt practitioners who first realized its medicinal value when taken internally. Because it will hold water but tends to resist acid, some people believe that calc. sulph. acts as a protecting influence against fluids when it covers surfaces. It protects the stomach walls, eyeballs, nasal passages, mouth, throat, bladder, and other organs that need protection against moisture.

When your skin burns and itches or is cracked, or when you have liver spots, boils, moist or dry eczema, you probably need this powerful healer and purifier. 

Other Kinds of Wounds

Calc. sulph. is found in most of the body’s connective tissues. It is necessary to the nerves and the bones. However, it is primarily helpful in treating the body’s various membranes, including the skin. It will even help in other conditions, from diarrhea to colds. 

This healer is generally recommended when the insides of your lips are sore or if they are raw and your gums bleed during routine brushing. If matter forms on the heads of pimples, pustules, or scabs—whenever a sore is discharging pus—the wound is at the stage where calc. sulph. is needed. Usually, this remedy is used in combination with silica since silica is the biochemical “surgeon.” 

You should not generally take calc. sulph. until after you have used silica. Doctors believe that silica promotes the formation of pus in wounds and calc. sulph. acts from that point on in healing them. It will stop an injury from discharging pus if given early enough, but silica should be used before calc when this is impossible. 


Calc. sulph. has been prescribed by doctors when antibodies have failed to clear up cases of fever and infection. Before the development of antibiotics, both silica, and calc. sulph. were widely used in treating wounds.

Not all troublesome wounds are external. Some of the worst are internal. Both sinusitis and bronchitis and their discharges will often respond to calc. sulph., especially if the discharges are thick or lumpy. Naturally, you should not attempt to treat your infections with silica and calc. sulph. alone, without anti-infection drugs, but all of us know that infections often linger, and generally, nothing a doctor does seems to help. That is the time to take, in addition to what your doctor recommends, either silica or calc. sulph., as indicated by your symptoms. 

We all know, of course, that doctors and scientists have yet to find a cure for the common cold. It is best to study all of the cell salts and note where each is called for when you suffer from a cold. If you have a cold in your head, for example, you may have the same sort of discharge produced by bronchitis. Calc. sulph. is good for this sort of discharge, and regular doses will clear up the mucous membranes.

Remember, whatever the ailment, if it produces pus, try calc. sulph. as the remedy. If your eyes are inflamed with discharges of thick, yellow matter, try calc. sulph. Many eye ailments respond to it. 

Blood Purifier Cell salt practitioners believe that calc. sulph. is a potent blood purifier. It destroys worn-out red corpuscles and is part of almost all connective tissues. When a person suffers from a lack of calc. sulph., diseases of the body membranes, catarrhs, and skin ailments are likely to result. The role of calc. sulph. as a blood purifier is believed to be carried out primarily in the liver, where red blood cells that have finished their life cycles and are now waste must be destroyed. 

Calc. sulph Defienciey 

If you have an insufficient amount of calc. sulph., your liver will become overloaded with worn-out red blood cells; cell salt theorists believe that this is the beginning of many skin eruptions. Calc. sulph. often eases this situation. 

Acne responds well to calc. sulph. taken with kali mur. Varicose ulcers are a symptom of a lack of calc. sulph. The topical application of calc. sulph., in doses of 6x at least three times a day, can be very helpful. Because of its role in blood purification, calc. sulph. is also used along with natrum sulph. in the treatment of kidney diseases. Calc. sulph. heals by building tissues. When it arrives in an area in which it is lacking, it lays the groundwork for rejuvenation by attracting other vital cell constituents. 

Calc. sulph. has also proven useful, as mentioned earlier, in ear infections. It can also prevent sore throats and colds if they are caught early enough. At the first sign of these health problems, dose yourself with calc. sulph. in the 6x potency at least three times a day. Too much cannot hurt, but too little, or none at all, might well mean that you will be laid low by a debilitating cold.

Other Uses

The use of calc. sulph. is almost always indicated in ailments of the pancreas, liver, and kidneys for reasons that should now be readily apparent. Homeopathic doctors have generally found that calc. sulph. (as well as mag. phos.) is one of the most valuable remedies for counteracting the harmful side effects of coal tar drugs such as aspirin. Some homeopathic doctors believe that aspirin, while it may numb the pain, gradually destroys the chemistry of the bloodstream, leaving the body weakened and open to disease.

Because of its role in protecting the stomach walls, calc. Sulph. can help stomach ulcers by coating the surface of the stomach. This cell salt remedy has helped women who want to have children but have been unable to become pregnant. If your complexion is yellow or pasty, you should take calc. sulph. over some time—at least a few months. The results will be worth waiting for. This remedy can even help some kinds of anemia. 

One of the prime indications of a need for calc. sulph. is a burning sensation. People with burning feet are sure candidates for this blood-purifying remedy. If you like the open air but are sensitive to drafts and catch colds easily, calc. sulph. may have more to offer to you than to someone without these symptoms. 

If you are overly sensitive to heat and cold, you probably need this remedy. Here are some other indications that you may need this healer and purifier. If you have strained muscles from too much work and you have a sensation of heat surging through them, calc. sulph. may help you. Pain in the bones that is made worse by standing indicates a need for calc. sulph. If you are sick in bed and the warmth of the room makes you uncomfortable so that you push off the covers, try calc. Sulph. 

Do you become angry quickly and then feel weak when the anger has passed? Do you worry about your heart or your health in general but feel better after taking a walk? Walking is one of the best things you can do to help your body, so take a walk and try some calc. sulph. If you are easily confused, shy away from company, find your moods changeable, or worry excessively, you may be helped by fresh air and calc. sulph. If your sleep is filled with nightmares, you suffer from terrible fears, and your mind becomes feeble when you need to think if you are easily insulted and quarrelsome or depressed in the morning but mirthful in the evening, you may be helped by calc. sulph. 

Chronic headaches and occasional headaches have been cured by calc. sulph., especially those that come in the morning. The underlying similarity among these headaches is that open-air seems to help them. Women who get headaches just before and during menstruation will be helped by calc. sulph. The remedy can also cure double vision.

You should use this cell salt when you feel a sore throat coming on. More particularly, if you experience redness and swelling in the throat, a sensation of tightness in the throat, excess mucus, and acute pain when you swallow, you probably need calc. sulph. There is also often a sudden, ravenous appetite or, paradoxically, no appetite at all. 

There may also be an aversion to coffee, meat, milk, or a desire for fruit, cold drinks, sweet or salty foods, or any liquids because of a terrible thirst. Another use of calc. sulph. is to help in treating constipation and diarrhea in certain chronic conditions. In cases of anal fistula, insufficient or difficult stool, or diarrhea in the morning or evening, calc. sulph. has been proven as an effective treatment. 

Useful Applications:

Skin affections: mucous membrane affections; vertigo; shock; pain in the liver region; third stage pneumonia; third stage bronchitis; croup; hoarseness; herpetic eruptions; soles of the feet burning and itching; pimples under hair


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