Potassium Phosphate: (Kali phos.); SOOTHER OF JANGLED NERVES

Рotassium phosphate (kali phos.) is the cell salt that works wonders on jangled nerves. Nowadays, it is a miracle that any of us can keep our cool. Tempers flare, and life has more problems than ever before. Luckily for us, however, Dr. Schuessler, working in the German countryside many years ago, discovered that kali phos. helps to calm irritable tempers, and his discoveries remain pertinent today.

Kali phos. is the cell salt that helps people when they become depressed or when they suffer from headaches due to nervousness. It has helped insomniacs enjoy a refreshing night’s sleep.

Kali phos. is the most important of the three potassium remedies in the twelve-remedy cell salt group. This remedy is prescribed to banish irritability, worry, overexcitement, over-work, and depression-even that awful extreme depression that makes even the simplest task seem a veritable Mt. Everest to be conquered.

Kali phos. has even helped people who have suffered from grief, sorrow, and despair for long periods of time-people to whom life has seemed wearing rather than joyful. These people have taken this remedy, recovered, and begun to live happy, productive lives. Kali phos. is often prescribed for senility, weak memory, and forgetfulness. If a busy executive or an overworked student becomes tired from too much mental exercise, kali phos. can provide soothing relief.

Kali phos. appears to restore direction and order to both the mind and the body. It seems to act as a stabilizing influence when vitality is flagging in the face of adversity. It can be an effective sedative if a person is suffering from restless anxiety and fears that are almost paralyzing.

Potassium operates as a “detergent” in the large intestine and alimentary canal. It is vital to the action of the heart. Some people believe that the answer to cancer lies buried somewhere in the secret of potassium’s chemical action. It is known that the “secret of life” is hidden in the cells and the chemical changes there energize the cells, giving them life.

For the biochemical preparation of kali phos., potassium is mixed with phosphoric acid until the solution is slightly alkaline (as opposed to acid). Phosphoric acid is vital to brain chemistry because it combines with other substances and becomes part of the gray matter of the brain.

A Remedy For Heart and Soul

Depression is just about the most awful thing that a person can endure. Often the person is not even sure why he or she is depressed, which makes it even worse. Kali phos. is recommended for people who have irrational fears. Such people are afraid that a hundred and one calamitous things are going to happen to them. This is not a rare problem; millions of people suffer from this mental malady, perhaps even you.

Do you sometimes lose your appetite? Do noises, even small ones, drive you crazy until you are ready to scream, “I can’t stand it anymore”? Does one more truck with squealing brakes or rumbling by on an overpass, or another helicopter overhead, or the kids outside in the driveway drive you to distraction?

Do you dread noise? If you suffer from this sort of mental state, kali phos. is just what the doctor ordered. Do you wake easily? Does your memory play tricks on you? Do you suffer from a vague feeling of homesickness? These symptoms indicate a kali phos. deficiency. Do you need to withdraw from society? Depression can occur during a period of self-doubt, pressure, worry-when you feel you do not know what to do. But now you do know. Take kali phos.


Headaches are not easy to treat, as modern medicine and science can tell you. In the chapter about natrum mur., you learned about the major remedy for headaches. But kali phos. is a good remedy to take, along with whatever else is indicated, if you have a “nervous headache.” Nervous headaches are often related to conditions that depress or worry you, even though you may not clearly understand or realize the cause.

All of the phosphate cell salts are recommended when a headache is located over the eyes. One should take kali phos. in alternation with mag. phos., with or without natrum phos.

Headaches are most often helped by kali phos. are those brought on by, or in connection with, irritability and fatigue. If you yawn a lot, your ears hum, and you just do not feel like staying up, but your symptoms disappear when things suddenly start looking interesting or when you eat, you probably need kali phos. Headaches resulting from too much mental exertion will be helped by this remedy, too. It is especially helpful for students who develop headaches around examination time.

Other Indications

Generally, symptoms require kali phos. are worse in the morning and evening and persist into the night.

The person suffering from these symptoms will often find that he or she feels better after getting up and slowly walking around. Cold air makes the symptoms worse; fasting may make the symptoms better.

Aching pains

Aching pains are connected with a kali phos. deficiency. They seem to tear down and can be almost paralyzing. If you are worn to a frazzle by your job; if life has dealt you a series of blows; if you feel hopeless—try kali phos. as your constitutional remedy. It could change your life!

If you find that your sense of humor is becoming more and more contrary, just for the sake of contrariness, but you might need kali phos. If, in general, you find that you are indifferent to your surroundings, your finances, your family, and, finally, yourself, you probably need kali phos.

If your vision is blurred or you see colors before your eyes, floating black spots, or halo effects, your vision could be improved by kali phos. If your ears are swollen, pulsating, or twitching; if suffer from a cough with your colds; if your nervousness gets you the best of you; if you develop a case of hay fever; if your nose is obstructed or swollen; if your gums are swollen, burning, and red—you need kali phos. Of course, if you have a serious infection, you should not attempt to treat it by yourself. See a doctor.

One important use for kali phos. is to eliminate certain offensive body odors. It can also eliminate bitterness in your mouth and nervous chattering of your teeth. Certain kinds of coughs are best treated with kali phos., such as hacking coughs, short, spasmodic coughs, and coughs from asthma (kali phos. is the specific remedy for asthmatic coughs).

One of the main physiological applications of kali phos. is in the treatment of angina pectoris. It is taken along with mag. phos. Naturally, if you have chest pains you should see a doctor. But after you have seen your doctor and he or she has begun treatment, you should go to your health food store or homeopathic pharmacy and buy some kali phos.

Everything connected with heart trouble can be treated with this cell salt-in conjunction, of course, with whatever your own physician prescribes. When the heart is full of fat or is degenerating, the lungs are inflamed, or there is pain in the chest, this wonderful soother should be taken on a regular basis.

Best uses:

  • Depression of the mind
  • Hypochondria with hysteria
  • Exhaustion, loss of mental vigor
  • Muscular debility
  • Spleen
  • Discharge, foul and offensive
  • Neuralgic pains
  • Bad Breath

Mental Symptoms: 

nervous dread without any cause, gloomy mood, looks on the dark side of everything,   homesickness, longing for past times, night terrors, oversensitive to noise, memory weakness, 

Physical Symptoms:

Stomach ulcers, loss of memory, vertigo when rising from a chair, threatened miscarriage MOST IMPORTANT FOR PREGNANCY, hayfever, bleeding gums (add ferr phos, calc phos, calc flour)

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Source: Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing with Nature’s Twelve Mineral Compounds

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