Potassium Sulphate (Kali sulph.) – A POWERFUL CARRIER OF OXYGEN

Though its effects are often not as dramatic as those of other cell salts, potassium sulphate (kali sulph.) is very helpful in performing essential functions. There are some indications that this cell salt can relieve baldness, although the user would have to give it plenty of time to take effect and take it along with his particular constitutional cell salt. Remember, taking your proper constitutional cell salt can be just as crucial in dealing with a health problem as taking the remedy called for by your particular symptoms.

Kali sulph. is the biochemical cure for dandruff, and it is vital for healthy skin. You can also use it for more severe ailments, such as rheumatism and asthma. Ferrum phos. and kali sulph. work together in your body to help your blood carry oxygen to all of your cells. Ferrum phos. is said to regulate the “external breathing” and kali sulph. the “internal breathing” of cells in the exchange of gases. Both salts act in carrying oxygen, although some people believe that kali sulph. can carry oxygen where ferrum phos. cannot.

The kali sulph. cell salt is credited with building new skin cells, which is quite helpful when the old ones have been damaged or killed due to disease. This remedy is nearly always prescribed, together with some other essential cell salts, to treat skin problems.

Kali sulph, and Pulsatilla

Kali sulph. has a strong relationship with pulsatilla, an important homeopathic remedy. Pulsatilla is a more complex compound than kali sulph.; however, kali sulph., kali phos., calc. sulph., and possibly silica are the active homeopathic agents. Of these ingredients, kali sulph. is the dominant one.

The symptoms (such as a need for fresh air) indicating a need for kali sulph. or pulsatilla are remarkably similar. And the two remedies help similar ailments. Kali sulph. is to biochemical medicine what pulsatilla is to homeopathic medicine.

Both kali sulph. and pulsatilla, for example, is useful in treating vertigo, when just looking up makes the patient feel as if they are falling. If you have a constricting headache that makes you feel as if a metal band has been put around your head, as if your head were in a vise, the doctor could prescribe either pulsatilla or kali sulph., depending on other indications.

If you need kali sulph. or pulsatilla, standing still or lying down makes you feel worse, and you probably have eye problems—dim vision, dark colors before the eyes, and itchy, swollen eyelids. You may feel that you have lost your sense of smell, or you may suffer from a toothache. Kali sulph. is an important remedy for a dry, mucus-filled sore throat in the morning and difficulties in swallowing, and pulsatilla helps these symptoms too.

Kali sulph. is especially effective in treating hoarseness that becomes worse in the evening. Both kali sulph. and pulsatilla is used in cases of irregular menstruation, heart palpitations, and pimples. The only difference between the two is that patients need kali sulph. are obstinate, while patients who need pulsatilla are milder in temperament.

Hair and Skin

Older people tend to suffer from dry skin. Kali sulph. is a lubricating agent in the body, and it can help the skin when the necessary oils have dried up. It has been used in treating sticky and scaly dandruff, eczema, and hot, dry, harsh skin.

Kali sulph. is good for burning and itching hands and for crawling, stinging sensations in the skin. The remedy, which can be taken orally as a constitutional remedy or dissolved in water and applied directly with a cotton swab, will aid in removing or curing liver spots, herpes eruptions, pimples, psoriasis, and scaly eruptions arising from a moist face. There have been reports of kali sulph. curing ringworm.

In all skin conditions, one’s emotional state is a big factor. Therefore, be sure that the remedy for your mental state is being used concurrently. If your mental state also indicates that you need kali sulph., so much the better. Then you really know you are using the correct remedy.

Often, when a kali sulph. deficiency shows up, it does so as yellowish, slimy matter emerging out of papules on the skin. It is believed that kali sulph. clears up such conditions, as it carries oxygen and destroys worn-out cells. In this, it works with ferrum phos.

Thus, in many skin inflammations, as well as in internal inflammations, kali sulph. is definitely the remedy. Treat skin problems with kali sulph. three times a day in the 6x potency, by mouth or applied to the skin. Kali sulph. will help painful warts, fungus rashes, and painful red eruptions, as well as measles-like rashes and dry skin. Eczema responds well to this remedy when the discharge is yellowish. In cases of dandruff that can be helped by kali sulph., another related symptom is often a dry and scaly lower lip. Another indication of a need for kali sulph. is a yellowish tongue.


If you have pains in your joints that are eased when you walk in the open air, you may have the sort of rheumatism that can be helped by kali sulph. If you have pain in the lumbar region of your back during menstruation while sitting, or even while walking, kali sulph. is the cell salt treatment indicated. If you need kali sulph., your pains will seem to “wander around,” and your hands and feet will feel cold.

Rheumatism is a complex disease, of course, so you must check your symptoms carefully in the Simplified Remedy Guide. If you have headaches in a warm atmosphere and in the evening and your back, neck, and limbs ache, try kali sulph. Give it time to work.

Some people feel it is a miracle worker in cases of rheumatism. Another sign that you might need kali sulph. for your rheumatism is experiencing restless sleeping after three or so in the morning because of soreness. Getting up and walking around will usually make things worse. This is the time to take kali sulph. so that you can get back to bed and have a restful night’s sleep.

Other Indications

If a woman’s menstrual period is scanty or suppressed, her abdomen feels full, and her tongue is yellow, she is suffering from a potassium sulphate deficiency.

Kali sulph. is also one of the remedies usually prescribed for asthma, especially bronchial asthma, when the lungs are filled with loose, yellowish matter that is easily coughed up.

If you develop a cough and the mucus in your throat seems to be falling back and is yellow, you should try kali sulph. If diarrhea tends to be yellowish, and your stool is black, thin, and smells offensive, you need this powerful carrier of oxygen. Kali sulph. is sometimes indicated in gastric problems.

In cases of a yellow vaginal discharge, kali sulph. should be an effective treatment. Kali sulph. also helps piles. It is a potent remedy, useful in many sorts of ailments.

Best uses:

  • Take after exercising
  • Depletion of this mineral causes vertigo, heart palpitations, anxiety, sadness, toothache, headache, pain in the limbs
  • Chronic disease
  • secretion of yellow mucus
  • Pancreas
  • Liver
  • Catarrh
  • Hair falling out
  • Bronchitis
  • Pneumonia with wheezing
  • Suffocative feeling in humid weather
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