The Healthy Art of Juicing

One of my favorite health tips is showing my clients how to extract the minerals and nutrients from juicing fruits and vegetables. Juicing is an excellent way to be sure to get a healthy dose of your recommended daily intake of nutrients. 

Although juicing doesn’t provide the fiber that eating the whole food would do, you are getting a concentrated form of the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that are better absorbed directly into your system. 

Don’t cut out eating whole produce altogether, but use juicing as a power-packed snack that ups your intake of the right foods and allows you to have a nutrient-filled drink efficiently. 

A common reason that juicing is so popular is that it allows you to consume vegetables and fruits that aren’t quite so enjoyable eating otherwise. Mix those undesirable with some of the more appealing tastes, and you’ll hardly even notice the spinach and kale with the apples and carrots. I enjoy using lemons, limes, and oranges to “cut” the flavor of an all green juice also!

Raw is always best.

Although you can still feel good about adding some cooked vegetables to your meal, a cooked vegetable will always have a lower amount of those vital and sensitive micronutrients when the food is heated. With the simple process of juicing, you get high-nutrient drinks custom made to your liking. 

A note of caution about juicing fruits: Along with the high-quality nutrients comes a high sugar content, so limit fruit in your juice mixes, so you’re not spiking your insulin levels. 

Keeping yourself informed of the good, the bad, and the ugly of food and drinks will keep you one step ahead of any diet blunders. You will save yourself from the additional risk of developing a wide range of diseases and disorders by gathering lots of information about the specific foods that will provide the optimum fuel for you to get your body operating at peak performance. The more you know, the better life will go, and your body will be an excellent example of your knowledge in action. 

Check out this video where my client shares her own experience with juicing!

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