Pregnenolone: What Is It, and What Are Its Benefits?

What is Pregnenolone?

Pregnenolone (preg-nen-o-lone) is a pre-hormone that is synthesized primarily by the adrenal glands. Pregnenolone has a minimal direct effect on the tissue itself, although it helps produce other hormones that do.  Because it acts as a pre hormone, Pregnenolone can also support low levels of the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. 

Pregnenolone acts as a “mother” hormone to more than 50 additional adrenal hormones! 

Pregnenolone is the first hormone the adrenals create from cholesterol when the body is triggered by stress. Through a cascade of enzymatic action, Pregnenolone is converted into more active hormones, such as cortisol, DHEA, aldosterone, progesterone, etc.

What does it do?

Pregnenolone has been used experimentally for memory enhancement, improved stress tolerance, decreasing fatigue and increasing energy, muscle strength, and stamina, help with depression and anxiety, and more. 

Because it acts as a prohormone, Pregnenolone can also support low levels of all the sex hormones: estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. 

Women have used it to assist fibrocystic breasts, symptoms of menopause, as well as PMS.

Historically it has also been used to treat allergies and autoimmune conditions, such as MS, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Like that of many steroid hormones, pregnancy production declines with age; by the time we’re 75 years old, we produce less than half of what we did at age 35. Some call this the result of aging; I call this the result of stress over time. Aging is simply the process of enduring the stress of our modern world.   

When a person takes supplemental Pregnenolone, it should enhance the conversion process to other hormones and contribute to the restoration of deficient hormones.

Benefits of Pregnenolone 

  • It makes you feel more alert by suppressing GABA and increasing glutamate. At the same time, this amazing hormone protects you from the negative effects of increased glutamate by increasing dopamine and protecting your hippocampal brain cells from the amyloid-beta protein,  the dominant protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Increases your capacity for cognitive function by developing and supporting your hippocampus, the thinking center of the brain.
  • Helps generate new brain cells
  • Actively supports overall memory by increasing acetylcholine, the most dominant neurotransmitter associated with memory and cognitive function.
  • Increases spatial memory, which provides you with the ability to physically navigate from one place to another.
  • Increases memory in the aged, suggesting that it may reverse the effects of an aging memory.

Supplementation Research shows that pregnenolone supplementation benefits three major areas: the brain, adrenal health, and immunity. 


Some physicians feel pregnenolone is the key to your brainpower. Pregnenolone directly improves your cognitive function.

Adrenal Health 

Pregnenolone is considered an anti-stress hormone. Stress causes the body to produce less and utilize more Pregnenolone. For individuals who lead stressful lives, Pregnenolone protects the adrenal glands and helps to maintain balance. 


Years ago, Pregnenolone was found to help against rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune condition. Patients reported less pain and fatigue and more strength.

Who Should Take Pregnenolone?

I regard Pregnenolone as an unheralded team player that potentiates other hormones. I recommend it to anyone starting a total hormonal replacement program or who has memory or stamina problems. 

My main reason for using this hormone is that it occupies such a central position in the hormonal hierarchy. In addition to that 

By optimizing your pregnenolone levels, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • A reduction of cholesterol levels
  • A boost in memory
  • An increase in social confidence
  • An occasional cognitive or intellectual boost
  • A relief in hangovers and a next-day remedy when you’ve had too little sleep
  • Less arthritis and joint pain

It also works to support any program for depression or severe PMS that hasn’t been totally resolved. Many times, Pregnenolone can generate the final extra degree of improvement.

How to Take Pregnenolone 

Pregnenolone can be found in 10 mg capsules.  Begin with 10, and every 3 days, increase your dose, so you feel energized and have mental clarity until you hit 50 mg.  You will notice you feel more socially brave and outgoing.   Higher doses are safe but not usually needed.

Reduce your dose the moment you feel agitated, nervous, or irritable.

Answer the following questions to find out if you may benefit from optimizing your pregnenolone levels.

Are you more forgetful lately?

Does your mind have trouble “rising” to a more challenging than usual mental task?

Are you not as sharp as you used to be, in general?

Do you no longer have the courage to share thoughts that are more controversial?

Is there a family history of Alzheimer’s disease?

Do you have high cholesterol?

If so, do you use statin medications to treat and control it?

Do you take anti-anxiety medication and experience difficulty getting going in the morning?

Do you have difficulty seeing colors clearly?

Are you feeling more depressed than usual?

Do you have arthritis, or do you experience joint pain?

Or, more generally, do you lack the vital physical energy you used to have?

If you identify with any of the conditions mentioned in these questions,

you should consider exploring whether you are producing suboptimal levels of pregnenolone. Following are some of the reasons you may benefit from optimizing your levels.

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