Marrying Mr. Right: Strategies for Successful Women to Attract and Connect with Successful Men

Discover the art of attracting and building a lasting relationship with your dream partner.

Dating in the 21st century, especially in America, has become an uphill task for the young and older generations. Let us look at incompatibility, for instance. What are some of the factors that determine compatibility between partners?

When looking for a partner, men often look at factors like physical beauty, the sociability of the woman, how hospitable she is, her morals, and in some cases, cultural background, and social class. They are usually ready to make their first move whenever they feel that these traits are satisfying them. However, it is different for women!

It is every woman’s dream to marry a handsome and caring man but also a successful man in terms of career, business, finances, and general socioeconomic well-being. Unfortunately, this dream is better said than done!

As a successful woman, how should I attract and build a lasting relationship with the successful man of my dreams?

The Do’s

Build your charisma– They say you’re born with charisma, but make every effort to socialize with everyone around you and be likable.

Mind your physical appeal– This means doing everything that makes your sensual well-being attractive to him without exaggeration.

Show him how much you care– Men appreciate and look forward to a motherly figure in the women of their dreams.

Invest in your man– For the man to treat you as the queen you are, treat him as the king you want him to be.

Integrity and submission– The game does not end there! Open your heart to him and let him take control.


The Cons

Your relationship comes first– By no means should the man feel intimidated by your success as a woman!

The man makes the first move– Do not make the first move, and if necessary, do it wisely by letting him spot you first!

Refrain from making demands- expectations are high for every aspiring couple, but too many demands discourage men.

Do not make decisions alone– let the man have a stake in making decisions, making him part of your life.

Do not show your insecurities– it is natural to feel insecure but do not show them explicitly. This should be proof of your sense of self-worth.



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