The Elite Love Formula

The Successful Woman’s Guide to Attracting and Marrying a Successful Man in Three Simple Steps

Break free from dating mediocrity and unlock the secrets to lasting love and prosperity.

One of the most interesting principles of this world is that of Karma: what you give is what you get in return. Surprisingly, this is the same thing to expect if you desire to get into a relationship.

As a hard-working woman who has amassed great wealth and success in business or a career, the last thing you would look forward to is marrying a loser. As much as you would not wish to look down on anyone, it would be great if you found your match in an equally successful gentleman.

How do you achieve that?

You’ve already worked hard enough to achieve your current career success. There is no reason to work harder to find your match if you are already doing these three things.

Make a great first-time impression.

You have already identified your dream guy, and it is time to go on the first date. Just look good, not just in your attire, but most importantly, have a nice smile, be welcoming, and keep the conversation going without being too effusive.

Confidence is key!

One of the greatest ways to get your dream guy is by showing your self-esteem and your pride in yourself, how you look, what you believe in, and so forth. Successful men always look forward to marrying self-confident women or someone they would be proud to present to the public. Remember, such a man is looking for a spouse who can confidently control his affairs and businesses in his absence.

Let him do the chase!

It is the nature of men, just like lions, to hunt their dream women. As a successful woman, your job is to give him the attention he craves and be there for him when he needs help or a little discussion to relieve his stress. All you have to do is let him take control and follow his lead. Nevertheless, do not be the ‘hard-to-get’ type; just be a little mysterious!

Bonus Tip

Always hold yourself like you are the prize and never the other way round!

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