Falling In Love Again with Your Spouse

Falling In Love Again with Your Spouse

Falling In Love Again with Your Spouse 150 150 Abbe Lang

Falling in love with your spouse is a process that happens again and again during your relationship.  When we first fall romantically in love, it usually comes with hurdles and challenges.  We are attracted to our partners and, in most cases, show them our best side.  This is normal relationship behavior since our initial quest is to connect, be liked, and settle down in an intimate relationship.

As the days, months, and years pass, things change.  We are subconsciously drawn toward a partner to heal our deep childhood dissatisfaction and desires.  Every time our intimate relationship triggers one of the wounds or “gremlins: as I like to call them, we can get stuck.  When we have a loving partner who helps us work through these challenges, our relationship takes on another level of trust, intimacy, and love.

In addition, life will throw all sorts of challenges our way while we are married.

There are financial issues, children issues, and our extended family issues.  Our bond is strengthened as we mature and learn to support our partners and make decisions together on these topics.   Whenever we can be there for our partner, we reach another level of loving feelings toward that person.  Hence, we fall more and more in love as time passes.