Natural Ways to Protect Yourself From Cervical Cancer

Natural Ways to Protect Yourself From Cervical Cancer

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The amount of cervical cancer cases has been dropping regularly over the last ten years, and it’s practically 100% curable when caught early. To protect yourself now, we recommend these tips.

Boost your immunity with tomatoes.

Getting enough of the antioxidant lycopene can cut your cervical cancer risk. Eating 3 cups of tomato juice, spaghetti sauce, or other cooked tomato products weekly keeps your levels in the protective range.

Take a protective “broccoli” supplement.

Women who took 200 mg. daily of a compound called indole-3-carbinol, or 13C, cut their risk of cervical cancer in half.

Continue to get PAP smears after menopause.

Regular PAPs help catch postmenopausal cervical changes before they can cause trouble. Continuing to get them every three years until at least age 65 cuts your lifetime risk of developing cervical cancer.

Drink pom juice.

Drinking 4 oz. of pomegranate juice-or eating one cup of grapes, strawberries, or blueberries-daily cuts your risk of ever getting this type of cancer. Compounds in these fruits help stop growths from spreading, which makes it easier for your immune system to find and destroy them quickly.

Consider getting an IUD.

IUDs are one of the safest, most effective contraception methods available. If you’re using birth control, an IUD could cut your risk of cervical cancer.
IUDs trigger a low level of inflammation that keeps your immune system on high alert, prompting it to get rid of abnormal cervical cells before they turn cancerous.

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