Many of my clients , family and friends have been asking me what I am doing and taking at this time in regards to prevention of the coronavirus. Let me start off by saying that taking natural holistic products to build my immune system up has been my way of life the last 35 years. The body can fight off viruses if the immune system is healthy and not compromised. Some of the supplements I am presently taking are short courses of Vitamin A preferably miscellized, Vitamin D with K2, Liposomal C, Oregano, Biocidin, Staments 7 mushrooms, Quercetin, Royal Cod Liver Oil, Serrapeptase

Some herbals include skullcap, licorice root, Dan Shen, Goldenseal, Garlic,Black Walnut Hulls, Oregano oil,

As far as homeopathy goes I continue to take my constitutional remedy which builds my body up daily. If signs of infection take place the remedy WAR is my first choice which contains Penicillian, Belladonna, Gunpowder, cortisones, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Pyrogeium and Kali Phos. I have Camphora on hand also if anyone in my family becomes acute.

We are using the essential oil blend called Thieves when we are out of the house also.

This is by no means all that I am taking or doing but is an excellent start to have on hand !


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