Homeopathic Treatment for the Coronavirus


Below dosing instructions are based on the recommendations of Bhawisha Joshi, a homeopath in India working with a lot of 2020 Pandemic patients, and also a collection of remedies that are being used by many various homeopaths treating this season’s pandemic.

Each dose, give 2 pellets direct into the mouth, 10 minutes from other food/drink.

PREVENTATIVE (according to Bhawisha Joshi):

Influenzinum 200c once a day for 3 days, every 15 days.
Follow this with Arsenicum album 30c once a day for three days (Joshi)


Runny nose, restless, fear of being infected, dry throat, burning sensation: Arsenicum 30c three times a day

Want to be left alone, tired, irritable, need to veg out: Bryonia 30c three times a day

Feel shaky, anxious, weak, trembling: Gelsemium 30c three times a day

If there is panic/fear/racing heart, restless and coldness: Aconite 30c three times a day

If Complications Develop – 200c or 1M once an hour until symptoms subside Top Choices according to Joshi:

  • –  Arsenicum Album
  • –  Antimonium Tart and Antimonium Ars
  • –  Veratrum Album
  • –  Camphora
  • –  Carbo veg


Note: Apart from Influenzinum, these are Plant and Mineral extracts that in homeopathic preparation are the energetic imprint of that substance and therefore non-toxic. Some of these remedies can be found at a local health food store, others need to be specially ordered from a homeopathic pharmacy such as Hahnemann Labs, Helios, Washington Homeopathic, I and E Organics, etc. I sell most of these remedies myself in a 25 remedy kit.

Antimonium Arsenicum – panting, breathlessness, acute respiratory distress, cyanosis, exhaustion and a lot of fluid discharges.

“Emphysema with excessive dyspnea and cough, much mucus secretion. Dyspnea, worse on eating and lying down. Sense of weakness. Catarrhal pneumonia associated with influenza. Loss of appetite. General sick feeling. The cough is worse by eating and on lying down. Pleurisy

especially of left side with exudation and pericarditis with effusion. A rush of blood to head. Inflammation of the eyes and edema of the face. Wandering pains in sciatic nerves.”

“Gasping for air, before every attack of cough. Coarse, loose, rattling cough. Cough followed by vomiting or sleep worse anger. Lungs seems full of mucus yet less and less is raised. Must sit up to breathe or cough. Coughs and yawns alternately. Coughing and gasping. Cough excited by eating with pain in chest and larynx. Cough and dyspnea better lying on right side (opposite Bad.). Child bends backwards with cough.

Cough worse after midnight, worse lying on back. Cough with great exhaustion, collapse, anemia, nervous irritability. Dry cough alternating with loose. Cough dry at night, better sitting up, worse drinking. Cough dry, as from sulphur fumes. Cough after drinking. Cough excited by smoking. Coughing spells preceded by great anxiety and restlessness. Cough with bloody sputum. Deep, dry, unceasing cough. Hemoptysis with pain between shoulders, burning heat all over.


Antimonium Tart – irritable, averse touch. Weakened state, sleepiness during cough. Cyanosis. Cough is wet and rattling. Can be useful for all stages of the flu.

EARS – Roaring. Fluttering before left ear, as from a large bird. Warmth of left ear. Tearing pain. Twitching in right ear.”

Arsenicum album – restless, fastidious, suspicious, greed, hoarding, collecting, fear of contagion, fear of loss of work, desire to wash hands often, taking small sips of water. Burning sensations. Fatigue/weakness. Pneumonia/cough/dyspnea.

Bryonia – wants to be left alone, quiet, irritable, fear of poverty, worse motion, headache, great thirst. Dry hard painful coughs.
Dry, hacking cough from irritation in upper trachea. Cough, dry, hard, very painful, at night as if from stomach. Cough with sneezing. Coming into warm room excites cough (Nat-c.). Cough with feeling as if head and chest would fly to pieces. Very painful coughs must hold the chest. Nausea excites cough, and coughing often excites vomiting. Coughs with gagging, without nausea. Cough with sharp pains in sides of chest. Cough compels patient to spring up in bed involuntary and immediately. Whooping cough. Coughs, worse motion, talking and laughing. Painful coughs with bronchitis, pleurisy, pneumonia.

Camphora – sinking, coldness, breathlessness, lung collapse and dryness. Hardly any discharge/sputum/phlegm. Dry collapse with suffocative dyspnea.

Sudden and complete prostration of the vital forces, with great coldness of the external surface. (Burt); Sudden sinking of strength (Lippe); Stupefaction as if intoxicated ; shock of injury from. (Knerr) Main Feeling: sudden intense threat and shock from something strange and bewildering, and the reaction to this is withdrawal (Sankaran). Asthma, worse after bodily exertion; cough from talking, inhaling of air, and a feeling of coldness, which commences in the pit of the stomach, and spreads from here over the chest is and exhaled as cold breath.

Cough – Dry, spasmodic, continuous. Cough excited by – itching in the larynx or roughness or crawling in the throat. Cough aggravated by – worse evening or midnight; going from warm to cold places; damp air. Cough concomitants – Hoarseness and rawness worse evenings or damp air; breathing short; wants to be fanned; burning in the chest; haemoptysis, with pale cold skin; weak, fatigued feeling in the chest; pneumonia, fetid sputum, cold breath and sweat, rattling breathing, threatened paralysis, cold knees, etc. Many cases of pneumonia that have seemed hopeless, in a state of collapse, blood stagnating in the capillaries, causing blueness, coldness and ecchymosis, with the foregoing chest symptoms, may be saved by this remedy. The difference between Carbo veg. and Arsenicum in this stage is that the erethism and restlessness is very marked under the latter, and lack of manifestation of vital force under the Carbo veg. It is not only here in these affections that Carbo veg. is useful, but in typhoids and other diseases where these conditions are present. Carbo veg. complements it if there is great prostration, sunken hippocratic face,


Carbo Veg (charcoal)– Complete sinking, blue deadly pale face with collapse and respiratory symptoms with wanting air/last stage desperate effort. Air hunger.

general coldness and blueness, and there is rattling respiration and dyspnoea with desire to be fanned hard to help the breathing. Pleuritis.
Cough by spells or no cough; if cough with rattling but too weak to expectorate (Ant. tart.); Ant. tart. has failed. It is oftenest found in children and very old people. Pneumonia. Carbo veg. if there is dark or light colored haemorrhage with perfect indifference, especially if there is excessive paleness of the skin of whole body.

Eupatorium Perf – aching in the bones from the flu, thirst for cold drinks.
Eupatorium is useful for a cough accompanied by irritation of the liver, the region of which is full and tender, there are bilious vomiting and diarrhoea, and extreme soreness down the trachea, the cough is worse while lying on the back and better from turning over on to hands and knees. It is of service in the bronchitis of aged people when the characteristic bone pains are present.

Ferrum Phos – high fever with no other symptoms. May be used at the onset of infection when there is fever, similar to Aconite.
The patients are more tired, they are very indisposed to talk, they are very sensitive to any disturbance round about them, any noise, any loud speaking seems to distress them, and they want to be left quiet. They are very much more at peace if they are quiet and if no one interferes with them – which is exactly the reverse of the Aconite state in which the patients are terrified, want someone to be about all the time, are sure they are going to die, and are afraid to be left alone.

Gelsemium – a lot of anxiety/fright/anticipation, something bad will happen, weakness, shaking, fatigue, headache, vertigo, trembling, chills.

Suited to children and young people, to persons of a nervous, weak, hysterical temperament. Suitable to irritable, sensitive, excitable people.

With many practitioners, Influenzinum has taken the place of Baptisia as the routine remedy in epidemics. Influenza. Influenza encephalitis. Enterocolitis of influenza. Diarrhea of influenza. Meningitis. Measles. Weakness and fatigue. General ill feeling with chill, headache, diffused pains. Neurotic, depressive persons. Stiffness. Tendency to hypotension. Hyperthermia. Sycosis. Anorexia.

MIND – Apathy and indifference. Mental dullness. Brain fatigue. Post-influenza depressive neurosis. Weak memory. ABDOMEN – Gastro-intestinal pain. EARS – Otitis with influenza.
EYES – Eyes are heavy and sensitive to movements. Stiffness of eyes. Blepharitis. Conjunctivitis of influenza. HEAD – Meningitis. Encephalitis with vomiting. Headache of influenza.

LIMBS – Aches and pains. Rheumatism. Rheumatoid pains during humid and cold weather. Intermittent lameness. Venous stasis of lower limbs. Venous and arterial congestion of the lower limbs. Varicose veins and ulcers (Oscilloc.).
LUNGS – Dry painful cough. Bronchial asthma. Bronchitis. Bronchopneumonia of influenza.

NOSE – Acute or chronic coryza. Acute and chronic rhino-pharyngitis. Nasal congestion. Coryza of influenza. Sinusitis. Nasal polyps. Chronic atrophic rhinitis.
RECTUM – Weakness of the anal sphincter. Weakening diarrhea.
THROAT – Pharyngitis. Chronic laryngitis. Stridulous laryngitis of children. Nasal voice. Laryngitis of influenza.

COUGH – Dry cough, with sore chest and fluent coryza. Cough from tickling in eustachian tube. Cough from tickling or roughness of fauces. Croupy cough in measles. Convulsive, spasmodic cough. Spasmodic cough in hysterical women. Irritative cough without expectoration. Coughs a good deal during the night.

Influenzinum – apathetic, low-spirited, dullness, cough, sore throat. Can be used as preventative, see instructions above. Can be used post-viral infection if symptoms are becoming chronic and not clearing up.


Mercurious – acute sore throat with swollen glands, sinus affection, deep infection, no temperature modulation.

COUGH – Whooping cough with nosebleed (Arn.). Cough causes pressing pains in head and chest. Cough in double bouts. Cough with hoarseness, salivation, vomiting, diarrhea. Cough with sensation as if head and chest would burst. Tickling cough before falling asleep. Dry cough at night, yellow-green sputum by day. Coughs only at night or only by day. Cough worse from tobacco smoke.

Phosphorus – tickling cough, worse talking, oppression of chest, hoarseness
Phos. is indicated in a great variety of diseases of the bronchi and lungs; there is a general tendency to easy haemorrhage from the lungs (from violent fits of cough or from emotional excitement); there is generally absence of fever, so that Phos. is rarely indicated in the beginning of acute diseases; there is generally exhaustion; in pneumonia Phos. is indicated after the febrile symptoms have mostly subsided, when there is great oppression of the chest, as from a weight, especially if the patient is worse when lying on 1. side.

Phosphoric acid – totally exhausted, emotionally flat, burned out, desires refreshing drinks, good post-viral remedy.
Suited to persons of originally strong constitution weakened by loss of fluids, excesses, violent, acute diseases. Children and young people who have grown too rapidly, tall, slender and slim with pains in back and limbs as if beaten, growing pains. Persons of mild disposition.

Pressure or twisting behind the sternum, rendering breathing difficult. Weak feeling in chest from talking (Stann.). Dry cough from tickling in chest. Salty expectoration.

Sulphur – lazy, critical, messy, warm, worse heat, sweating and burning pains, feet hot. Diarrhea. Cough worse at night. Is also helpful for cleaning up post viral infection that may be lingering.

Difficult respiration, wants windows open, nightly suffocative air hunger. Dyspnea in middle of night, relieved by sitting up. Irregular breathing. Asthma preceded by colds. Loose cough, worse from talking, morning, greenish, purulent, sweetish expectoration. Much rattling of mucus and heat in chest, worse 11 a.m. Pleuritic exudations. Cough, violent in two or three incomplete bouts, tickling as from down in larynx. Greenish, sweetish and purulent expectoration. Violent cough with headache worse lying on back. As of rivet through upper third of left lung. Neglected pneumonia.

Veratrum Album – sinking, icing coldness of parts, breathlessness, lung collapse, more restless than camphor. Wet Collapse.

Cough, with titillation low down in the chest; Profuse yellow expectoration; Cough that resembles whooping cough; Face blue; Eyes protruding; Urine passes involuntarily; Cough, with stitching pains in the inguinal region. Spasmodic contraction of the intercostal muscles, that seems to arrest the breath; Cramp – like pains in the sternum after drinking; Aching pain in sternum after eating or drinking; Several attacks of pain, during the day, in right chest, arresting the breath; Oppression and anguish, that arrests the breath; Dyspnoea – the trachea seemed clogged with tenacious mucus; Painful and difficult breathing – it had almost ceased; Oppression and arrest of breath when walking, with a sense of fullness; Pressure and pulsation at the fourth rib, as from a dull point; it felt sore to the touch, as if there were sub – cutaneous ulceration; Pains in the side and in the stomach; Pains in the breasts and in the thighs; Frequent pains in the chest – also with pain in the back; Beating at the upper part of the sternum, occurring with rhythmic precision.

Cough/Phlegm Pneumonia Complications

Dose remedy in 30c or 200c, up to 3 times a day:

– Justicia – Dry, spasmodic, constricted cough. Threatened suffocation. Cough with tightness of chest, as if it would burst with bronchial rattle, obstruction of breath and sneezing.
– Spongia – hard dry cough, croupy, constricting, tickling in throat

  • –  Phosphorus – tickling cough, worse talking, oppression of chest, hoarseness
  • –  Ant Tart – irritable, averse touch. Weakened state, sleepiness during cough. Cyanosis. Cough is wet and rattling.

– Squilla – hard cough either dry or loose, pneumonia, loss of urine/stool during cough

– Lobelia –Panting, threatened with suffocation, fear of death. Dyspnea from constriction of chest, worse any exertion. Dyspnea, with sense of a lump in stomach rising into mouth. Rattling in chest but no expectoration.
– Carbo veg – Complete sinking, blue deadly pale face with collapse and respiratory symptoms with wanting air/last stage desperate effort. Air hunger.

SOURCES: Murphy’s Materia Medica, Raue’s Pathology, Sankaran’s Plants Compiled by Angelica Lemke, ND; www.intuitivehomeopathy.com

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