Nurturing emotional and physical closeness with your partner

Nurturing emotional and physical closeness with your partner

What comes to your mind when you hear the term holistic intimacy? Besides the chemistry under the sheets, there are more ways to have a whole new intimate experience with your partner, and below are some of the simplest things you can do to nurture emotional and physical closeness with your partner!

  • Cuddling and physical contact

Ever heard of the oxytocin hormone? This is one of the chemical messengers released when you cuddle intimately with your partner, and it helps bolster romantic attachment with your better half! Also called the love hormone or the cuddle chemical, it is an important stress reliever and a crucial factor for promoting physical closeness to your partner.

  • Showing appreciation to nurture emotional intimacy

When was the last time you genuinely complimented your partner or made a romantic gesture to them such as offering to help them with their tasks as a way of appreciating them? This is definitely an instrumental way of nurturing intimate closeness to them! Simple acts such as trying their interests or mailing them surprise love cards are simple ways of showing appreciation.

  • Safe space for communication

Create a safe space for communication with your partner. This not only allows them to be vulnerable to you but also bolsters their self-confidence when expressing themselves to you. Going out for a date night, for instance, is a brilliant way of creating a safe space for gentle conversations which help nurture your physical and emotional closeness to them!

Benefits of nurturing intimacy!

One of the most obvious benefits of nurturing closeness to your partner is that it boosts relationship satisfaction while at the same time bolstering your physical and mental wellbeing. It goes without saying that when you are physically, emotionally, and mentally satisfied, you will feel energized to go about your career as a happy person!

Barriers to intimacy!

Unfortunately, nurturing holistic intimacy could be an uphill task if you, your partner, or both of you have gone through trauma & negative experiences. In other contexts, you may lack enough time to spend together, or experience the fears of being vulnerable to each other! These, among other factors may tore down your efforts of being close to your partner!

How to I overcome the barriers?

Seeking professional help from a relationship coach would not only help you rekindle intimacy in your relationship or marriage but also help you heal from the painful experiences you have had since your childhood!

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