Keeping the romance alive in your relationship

Keeping the romance alive in your relationship through shared experiences and appreciation

Your relationship may be losing its fizzle but that is not the end of it. You still have a chance to restore the functionality of the feel-good neurochemicals that you experienced in your honeymoon days!

So, where do I start?

  • Do not stop dating!

It is not really a question of where to start but more of a continuity thing. Remember the first week you dated your partner? Why did the dating stop after you advanced your relationship? Find time and go on a date with your lovely better-half to reminisce about your shared experiences and appreciate each other for the far you have come. As you hitchhike or dress up for a dinner date, this is the moment to rekindle your long-lost virgin romance!

  • Compliments and appreciation!

It takes two to tango, experts say! The person responsible for keeping the romance alive is you, and it is the small things that you do or say that tally in the long-run. Letting your partner know why you chose them over a billion others is a small but impactful way of keeping your romance hot as it was at the beginning! Appreciating each of their efforts in keeping the relationship going is not only motivational but also an instrumental way for keeping the romance alive!

  • Quality time!

In a world where career has taken over our personal lives and continues to dictate how much time we can spend with our families and friends; couples must be intentional in creating and spending quality time together to keep the romance alive. While money and career are indispensable factors in keeping a relationship in the contemporary world, staying connected to your partner calls for intentional efforts to be with them and actively pay attention to their emotional needs while expressing your gratitude for them. This is a perfect time to rejuvenate your love!

  • Surprises!

One of the most instrumental strategies for rekindling your romance and keeping it alive is surprising your partner. Being obvious is often boring, and as much as your partner may hate sudden surprises, believe me, they will love them if you mean well for them! Surprising your partner with a weekend getaway or a simple bouquet one evening as you take an evening stroll is one of the little things that would make them know what they mean to you!

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