First Date Tips to Make a Great Impression

The first date is crucial to making a good impression on your potential partner.

One of the things I always stress with my clients is listening, listening, and listening. People tend to be attracted to those with a high-interest level in them. One key phrase that can help you with your first date is to say, “I understand exactly what you’re saying” or “I can really understand how you could feel that way.” Statements like these help your potential partner really feel validated and understood.

My 5 favorite activities for a first date:

  1. Eating at your date’s favorite restaurant. By allowing your date to share with you their favorite restaurant, you are getting a sneak peek into who they are and how they were raised. Do they like authentic cuisine that reflects their cultural upbringing? When dining at a restaurant of your partner’s choice, they will feel comfortable with the menu and might share some family stories of eating certain dishes while growing up. This is a real ice breaker.
  2. I like to suggest a movie for a first date to some of my more introverted clients. A movie can take the pressure off you since you don’t need to have too much conversation initially, and then after the show, you can discuss your opinion of the movie, likes, and dislikes. This trivial conversation can be helpful for a person with a shy personality.
  3. I love suggesting touring a zoo if you are an animal lover. Women tend to melt and get happy inside when they see animals. There is plenty to discuss at the zoo just by taking a walk and hopefully holding hands!
  4. An amusement park can be an exciting first date for the thrill-seeking person. You will find out how adventurous your date is as well as having a great time. You won’t be at a loss of things to talk about since there is so much outside stimulation going on.
  5. Miniature golf can be a great first date! Golfing brings us back to our childhood and lazy summer days with our family. It’s semi-competitive but in a fun way. It’s an easy activity and doesn’t put too much pressure on face-to-face talking but still allows for an easy flow of conversation.


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