Understanding women’s emotional landscape

Have you heard the saying that understanding women’s emotions is nearly impossible? Many men may agree, but is it really true? Let’s explore five main steps to better understand your woman’s emotional landscape.

Listen actively!

One of the primary and straightforward ways to understand your woman’s emotional landscape is paying attention to her needs by listening actively! In the present context, listening actively means pushing away everything else and making her the center of your attention to let her express her feelings without fear or self-doubt. Scrolling your tablet or smartphone as she talks, or equally engaging in a different harmless activity while she talks may invalidate her emotions and inhibit open communication.

  • Knowing she is an individual!

One of the don’ts of understanding your woman’s emotional landscape is generalizing her as a typical woman. While it is true that women are emotionally different from men, it’s important that you treat her uniquely, based on who she is, her personal history, culture, and worldviews. Her emotions are not necessarily influenced by her gender, but rather her daily experiences.

  • Show empathy!

The greatest path to understanding your woman’s emotions is validating her feelings by attempting to fit in her shoes and proving to her that you identify with what she feels at that particular moment. Sometimes all your woman needs is to know that you care about what she feels and that you can identify with what she experiences in her day-to-day living. As much as you may love to offer remedies to her problems, listening actively and demonstrating that you are able to fit in her shoes is more than she needs!

  • Emotions are fluid!

Today your woman may say how much she hates you for something you did or did not do, and tomorrow she may praise you for being such a gentleman. Being slow to respond to such sentiments is one of the greatest secrets to comprehending her emotional landscape. Just sit back, be sober, and ponder over everything she says or does!

  • Emotional intelligence!

To sum up all the things you need to do in order to understand her emotions fully, deploy your emotional intelligence skills, that is, self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. This means respecting her boundaries, celebrating her achievements, and knowing what triggers your emotions as well!

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