Questioning our Mood

Imagine if you could learn a strategy or skill to be shown how to overcome depression, anxiety, anger, panic, jealousy, guilt, and shame. It is a skill so easy to apply that it would help solve your relationship problems, handle stress better, improve your self-esteem, become less fearful, and grow more confident. These skills can also help you if you struggle with alcohol or drug use.

Mastering your mind over mood is a learned skill that teaches you step-by-step ways to rapidly make changes that are important to you.

For instance, if you’re standing in a line in a grocery store and the clerk is completely incompetent, and the line is moving very slowly, you have two choices to react in this situation.

We can remain calm and realize, “Hey, this may take a while .”I should just relax, or we can become very upset and agitated. We might start to think, “Why can’t they hire more clerks?” or “They should open up another register; this is bs!”

Questioning our mood teaches us to identify and understand the connections among our thoughts, moods, behaviors, and physical reactions in everyday situations like this one and during major events.

The quicker you learn the skills to master your moods, the quicker your mind can be at rest: less anxiety, fewer worries, and less depression. In turn, your will experience more happiness and a feeling of utter contentment.

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