9 Ways to Dramatically Improve Any Relationship

9 Ways to Dramatically Improve Any Relationship

9 Ways to Dramatically Improve Any Relationship 150 150 Abbe Lang

Regardless of what type of Relationship you are looking to improve, whether it’s a friend, family or coworker, you can significantly enhance your relations by following these nine simple rules.

RULE 1— Show Genuine Enthusiasm when You First See and Greet the Person. When you first see this person , walk over with a big smile and a genuine sign of pleasure for being with him/her.

RULE 2— Show Respect. Don’t criticize this person harshly and never in front of someone else.  When this person is speaking to you give them your full attention.

RULE 3— Be Supportive. When this person makes a mistake, let them know it’s ok and tell them not to be hard on themselves.

RULE 4— Give Them the Benefit of the Doubt. Learn to view their “mistakes” as justified.  Don’t look at them as an attack on you, look at them as an accident. Instead of looking to hang them, forgive them.

RULE 5— Let Them Know You Appreciate Them. Sometimes we wait until we make a mistake or have a fight to say something nice, instead say something nice and give a compliment ahead of time.

RULE 6— Let this Person have a Chance to Contribute to Your Life. Allow this person to give to you which in turn will make them feel better and will also bring you closer together.

RULE 7— Try and Wait 24-Hours to Mention Something that Annoyed You. You will be amazed at how your perspective will change and you will be more balanced and objective.

RULE 8— Talk About what is Bothering You. When someone’s actions annoy and bother you instead of building up resentment try and talk about it.

RULE 9— Open Up a Bit and Share Yourself. Try and let this person in your life a little bit more or a little bit more deeply.

Start implementing these 9 simple rules and enjoy the positive benefits in your life