If not now, when?

“A plant can only grow as big as the pot it is planted in”….

Just like a plant’s growth is limited by its pot, our potential can be restricted by the environments and circumstances we find ourselves in. It’s like trying to fit into a box that’s too small for our dreams and aspirations.

To break free from these limitations, we must first acknowledge them. It’s like realizing the pot is too small and finding a larger one. Self-awareness is the key to understanding where we’re planted and whether it’s holding us back or nurturing our growth.

Surround Yourself with Supportive Soil

Much like a plant’s growth can be influenced by the quality of the soil it’s planted in, our growth is profoundly affected by our surroundings. Are you surrounded by enriching influences and supportive individuals who encourage your growth? Surround yourself with people who water your dreams and provide the fertile ground for your aspirations to bloom.

Cultivate a Growth Mindset

Think of your mindset as the sunlight that nourishes your growth. Are you basking in a growth mindset, open to learning and adapting, or are you stuck in a fixed one, resistant to change? It’s crucial to adopt a growth mindset, to look for opportunities even in challenges, and to keep growing regardless of the circumstances.

Your Journey, Your Choice

You have the power to choose where to place yourself. Your decisions shape your growth and determine the abundance you will experience. The time to act is now—don’t wait for the perfect conditions because they might never come.

The life I am living today is one that I have created based on what I desired, the new standards that I set for myself, and what I valued.

I do the work. I didn’t do it alone.

I invested in myself even when it was uncomfortable & didn’t have the resources of…

Time. Money. Energy. Effort. I made a way out of no way.

I placed and positioned myself in thriving communities, with coaches & mentors, in programs, and re-evaluated my relationships, standards, values, time, and focus. I still do.

I stretched myself even when it didn’t make sense.

I allowed myself to be supported.

I asked for help, and I strengthened my receiving muscles.

You deserve to be supported.

I have learned over this past year that life is short; the time is now to make your moves.

This time next year, will you be in the same spot? Have you made the moves you wanted to since last year?

Choose now to expand your horizons, to dream bigger, and to reach for the sky. It’s time to embrace unstoppable success, to experience freedom and fulfillment, and to transform into the best version of yourself unapologetically.

Remember, your growth journey is an ongoing adventure of embracing the now, seizing opportunities, and nurturing your potential.

This is your moment to shine, to bloom, and to spread your roots wide. Choose growth. Choose abundance. Choose now.

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