Homeopathic Cold Remedies for 2015

7 Homeopathic Cold Remedies for Winter 2015

We all know that feeling. Your body starts to slow down, you may have a nagging headache, a little tickle in the back of you throat and a sneeze or two. Well, my friend, you have caught a cold 🙁 What is most important at this point is how to get rid of it. Believe it or not the quicker you respond to these initial symptoms can make a huge difference on curing your cold. I am going to share with you my tried and true homeopathic cold remedies to bring your body back to balance and cure your cold before any real symptoms rear their ugly head. So let’s get started!

My favorite Homeopathic Cold Remedies

There are 3 main homeopathic remedies I use for a head cold: Allum Cepa, Arsenicum and Oscillococcinum.

  • Allium Cepa is one of the best remedies for a head cold. You want to use a 30c potency and take 3 times per day.
  • Arsenicum is especially useful in winter colds when there is a thin watery discharge from the nose, and when you have a dull throbbing headache.
  • Oscillococcinum can be obtained at nearly every pharmacy and health food store. It is a homeopathic remedy that can be used in cold and flu prevention.

Consider these other homeopathic cures as well…

Hydrogen Peroxide

Always have this handy in the house so when you get that first little tickle in the back of your throat you can put 3 to 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide in each ear every two to four hours. Many people have had remarkable results in curing colds and flu when administering a few drops of three percent hydrogen peroxide. Colds and flu viruses enter through your ear canal, as opposed to your nose and throat.


Umcka is an herbal extract that has been shown to work against colds and flu. Umcka exhibits antimicrobial and immune changing effects on the body. Studies have shown that Umcka has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and immune-boosting properties.

Yin Chiao

The next plan of attack to cure your cold is Yin Chiao. Yin Chiao is an herbal cold remedy developed centuries ago in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It contains a mix of flowers, mint, and roots, that when taken at the first signs of catching a cold, may arrest or shorten the length of the illness. After the first dose, two or three pills may be taken every four hours until symptoms subside.


Another extremely effective way to cure your cold or prevent yourself from catching a cold is Biocidin. Biocidin is a potent combination of botanicals to support the immune system. If you purchase in liquid form begin with only 1 drop per day and work your way up to 5 drops very slowly. It’s that strong !
Mostly, mainstream society and typical cold prevention always points to vitamins and minerals instead more homeopathic cold remedies. I hope that you can benefit from some of these more effective and not as popularly know remedies and you can cure your cold as soon as you catch it.

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