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What Abbe’s Clients are Saying

Quote Her advice to me has been priceless"

"I believe Abbe came into my life for a reason. Someone must be watching over me and sent this energetic, caring, no nonsense, and smart woman to help me find my way. I met Abbe during a very confusing, stressful, and emotional time in my life. I was so emotionally drained and frustrated that I couldn’t think straight or figure out how to make my life right. Abbe made me feel so comfortable that I shared EVERYTHING going on in my life and EVERYTHING I had on my mind. Abbe is a strong yet nurturing person. Her ability to understand and look at a person’s situation, family history, and personality traits is truly a gift. Her advice to me has been priceless. Abbe has gently forced me to look into myself and acknowledge what I am truly feeling. She has guided me through planning and implementing strategies for achieving my goals and becoming happy in life. There is still work to be done. Change doesn’t happen over night but with Abbe by my side, I feel more hope and happiness towards living a productive, loving, and honest life."


Quote I am so thankful for her advice"

"Words really can’t describe how Coaching with Abbe and her 4 week Relationship Program has begun to change me and my life. I was referred to Abbe because I was going through a difficult divorce. I had no idea just how much she would be able to offer me, teach me and change my outlook in such a short time. I had been in therapy and sadly enough I had received no advice ! Abbe’s Coaching allowed me to talk and share but she was always there to guide and propel me to the next action step to make me feel better. To make me feel stronger. Before her Relationship program I was having a very difficult time managing my anxiety. I was told I suffered from depression but I am realizing I only really needed guidance. With Abbe by my side I am confident I am not alone anymore and will not only make it through this dark time in my life I will come out of it stronger and better than before. She also helped me with numerous parenting issues and concerns with my health and wellness. There are very few people in my life that I can truly say that I trust as much as Abbe and I am so thankful to her for her advice, caring, coaching and friendship."

January 2012

Quote She gave me strength"

"The words “thank you” do not even begin to express the graditude I have for Abbe and how she help save me.

After suffering with a crippling back issue for over 2 years, dealing with doctors who could not help or treat me cause of the risk associate with an operation- each doctor prescribed more and more pain pills to help numb the pain in order to provide some quality of life. Im sure everyone has heard the dangerous of pain pills – and yes I was one of the ones who said, "I will never become addicted – Im too strong and good of a person for that to happen to me."

After being on the medicine for over 2 year – I became numb to more then just pain. I became numb to my emotions, my feelings, and most importantly to my family and friends. I had to lose it all to realize how deeply lost I was. I was lying to myself and everyone about just how sick I was. Until one day when I talked to Abbe- and the funny thing is – I only talked to Abbe because I thought my girlfriend ( now ex-girlfriend – LOL ) was the one that needed the help.

Abbe helped me understand what I was dealing with – she gave me the strength to overcome a problem which most people can not do alone – She helped me not only realize that I was cheating myself, my life and my loved ones… she helped me realize that I can replace my vices with my virtues.

Thank you Abbe for helping me remember how great I am and how great life is


QuoteI started to feel dramatically better"

"I just wanted to thank you for transforming my life in 4 short sessions! When I hired you for coaching I needed guidance for a career change and was dealing with empty nest syndrome. What happened when I came into your office though and coached with you was so much more than that ! I found it very easy to open up to you and share with you how terribly sad I was feeling inside. I immediately began to apply the new thought processes and information you showed me about myself to my everyday life and started to feel dramatically better. The one thing that really showed me how much you truly cared was fitting me in to coach on Wednesdays which was the only day that worked for me but was your day off. After my fourth session and the completion of your Relationship Program I walked away happier, clearer, more optimistic and hopeful than I have been in a long time. Thank you for giving me the best gift this holiday season. The gift of taking care of myself!"


Quote Above all else Abbe cares"

"I have been a client of Abbe’s over the last 3 months. Meeting her and coaching with her has forever changed my attitude at the way I look at my life. I kick started with her Relationship Program which at times was difficult but the results were really eye opening. I really began to understand myself much differently after that. Who I am and what I want out of my relationships in my life. I stopped trying to change everything about me and started to pick and choose the things about myself that I actually liked ! Things I was proud of ! Her approach is no nonsense and straight forward. She doesn’t sugar coat things and waste your time. Each week we worked on a new goal or concept to move forward towards my overall happiness. She has taught me to fight for myself. Above all else Abbe cares. She has texted me back at a moments notice when I needed her the most. I can highly recommend Abbe as a Life Coach."

January 2012