Dating Relationship Advice

Are you frustrated with the “dating scene” and at this point, maybe even yourself?

Do you keep making the same mistakes over and over again, attracting and choosing the wrong potential partners?

When you start implementing my “Ten Easy but Critical Steps to Dating”, you’ll be amazed at how quickly Mr. or Mrs. Wonderful will show up in your life.

My job is to make sure you’re ready when they do show up. I’ll tell you what the person you’re dating won’t and your friends can’t.

Couples Coaching

Deciding to do couples coaching with me will absolutely transform your relationship. Being in a committed love relationship is the most powerful and challenging of all human experiences. Often, therapy just doesn’t work. Many therapists simply listen and concentrate solely on your past.

My coaching focuses on giving you real life situations and “home work” that you and your partner can implement immediately in your relationship. You’ll begin to see small and effective positive changes that encourage you to rebuild your relationship, day by day and week by week.

Learn Why:

  • She needs caring, and he needs your trust.
  • She needs understanding, and he needs your acceptance.
  • She needs to be respected, and he needs your appreciation.
  • She needs your devotion, and he needs your admiration.
  • She needs to be reassured, and he needs to feel encouraged.
  • She knows what smart talk is and how to talk so he’ll listen.

Love Relationships

I’m glad you’ve decided to learn more about love relationships. My coaching can help you achieve the relationship of your dreams. I promise!

I encourage you to accept and embrace my Golden Rule for relationships:

  • Men and woman are different emotionally and romantically.
  • Men thrive on a challenge, while woman thrive on security.
  • Women love to talk about their feelings, men usually don’t.
  • In fact, men and women are different in countless ways. They perceive and feel, react and appreciate, respond and love much differently.
  • They want different things from a relationship and those differences show up when you enter a romantic relationship.

The question is…”How do you deal with them and establish a lasting and mutually fulfilling love relationship?”

With my coaching, you can do it!

  • If you’re a woman, you’ll learn how to go from being just another woman he’s dating to being your man’s dream girl. You deserve it, don’t you?
  • If you’re a man, you’ll learn why listening when a woman speaks and validating her feelings will make her head over heels in love with you. You would like that, wouldn’t you?

All Relationships

Discover how men and women penalize their partners or spouse without even realizing it.

You’ll discover in couples coaching with me, that I can tell whether a marital discussion will resolve in conflict or resolution within the first three minutes of our session. Put me to the test.

Single  Relationships

If you’re single, you’ll learn….

  • Why men and women who are super-successful in business tend to take the same powerful attitude into their love relationships – and ruin them.
  • The secret playbooks that woman and men follow.
  • Why you must focus on yourself first, not your love relationship.
  • How you can have much more control over your relationships than you realize.
  • The top ten ways to tell whether your man or woman is in love with you.

Married  Relationships

If you’re married, you’ll learn….

  • How to nourish and sustain a successful marriage.
  • How to understand the marriage learning curve and deal with it.
  • If you’ve fallen out of love, how you can find it all over again.
  • Why it’s never too late to renew a married relationship.
  • How to communicate with your partner though his or her love language.
  • How to make the “invisible” marriage scorecard work for you.
  • The top three ways to score points with your partner.
  • How to stop becoming frustrated doing things he or she won’t appreciate anyway.

Women in Relationships

Women enjoy “little acts of kindness” performed often from men.  Men often think that one large “act of kindness” makes them set for the week, month or even a year!

There’s a secret point system we use to keep score. I’ll help you understand why you give too much of yourself and get nothing or little in return. It’s the first step toward regaining control of yourself and your life.

3 Quick relationship Tips:

  • When your husband makes a mistake, never say, “I told you so.”
  • Appreciate everything he does.
  • When he disappoints you, and he will! Don’t punish him.

Ladies, Listen Up!

Are you being too nice in your relationships? Do you always give in and sacrifice everything, including yourself for your man? Knowing yourself, your wants and your needs and then standing up for yourself in your relationship is the best thing you can do for yourself. Men are attracted to strong women.

I will teach you how to crack “The Man Code” and learn what every “nice girl” needs to know about men.

I’ll share with you…

  • Top ten signs that make a man think you’re needy.
  • Top ten reasons men play it cool.
  • Top ten things you can do to keep his fires BURNING for you.
  • Top ten things that turn a guy off.
  • Top ten ways to tell if you man is in love.

Throughout your life, there are people and men who will try and shake your faith and your self-belief.  My coaching helps you show up in ALL of your relationships, strong, self-assured and ready to put yourself first.  In turn, your man and everyone else you meet will have a new found respect in you.

Men in Relationships

Men, can we talk? Aren’t you just a bit frustrated in trying to figure us (sexy females) out? We say one thing and mean another? We’re happy one second and moody the next? It’s all smiles and giggles until it’s time to get intimate, and then we go quiet. I’ll coach you to see and implement what YOU are doing wrong.

Why continue being frustrated?

Being a “real man” the one all woman want is easy. You just need to have non-negotiable terms with your woman. No bending, no caving, no amending, no selling out, no changing…Man Up! I’ll help you define your terms in your relationships with women. When you stop feeling resentful you will be more inclined to do the things she wants.

First, you need to work on your non-negotiables, they are different for every man I coach. Learn why arguing doesn’t work, it’s my golden rule for men… “No Arguing!” When you lose… you lose, and when you “win” you lose? There is nothing to be gained from arguing that will benefit you in your relationship.

Learn what to do when she pushes your buttons to force an argument. I’ll teach you how to be aware when your woman tries to “suck” you into an argument. You will be able to check, change and rearrange so you can control your actions.

My coaching will help you understand that most of your fights with your partner are really just triggers from your past. When you are aware of what’s going on inside of you, it’s easier to stop yourself from arguing.

Men under stress, tend to retreat inside themselves to work things out. Men like to find solutions to their own problems.
I’ll teach you how to more effectively come to those answers in a shorter period of time.

I’ll also show you how to communicate with your woman in a way that she understands, so you can actually get closer to her. She needs to know you are not pulling away from her but pulling away from your stress

When you implement my tools, strategies and tactics, you will begin to get her support during the times that used to create conflict and tension. So when you are ready to reconnect, she will appreciate you even more.


  1. When you come home, give your woman a hug before anything else.
  2. Ask her how her day went and really listen.
  3. Offer to help out when she’s tired or overwhelmed.

Life Coaching

You are here, but you want to get there, and you simply don’t know how. You’ve tried everything imaginable, maybe even therapy or other life coaches, but you can’t seem to find the right path. Certain behaviors, perhaps even self-sabotage, have been holding you back from personal growth and moving forward in your life. You’re not having fun and you feel like you’ve lost your purpose for living.

I’m here to help you regain your Passion and Purpose for Living.

  • Clarity – Life coaching helps you discover your true self. You will become The World’s Leading Expert on You. You will rediscover your passion, your priorities, your values, and re-ignite your talents.
  • Confidence– With clarity you gain self-confidence, you’ll evaluate every situation and make the best decision, for you. This will virtually eliminate all of your internal stress. Your self-esteem will increase each and every week. You will go from uncertain to unstoppable.
  • Control– Your new clarity and confidence will give you control over your life. That’s when you and I focus on changing any negative conditions surrounding you. We’ll organize your personal life and professional life so you are more empowered to manifest what best suits you, your goals and your desired outcomes.
  • Completion– By hiring me as your Life Coach, you will be certain that your goals will be met and completed. Together we decide how accountable you would like to be to reach each and every one of your goals. This is a balance between me as your coach and you as the client, it is predicated upon the your needs, wants and desires.

Divorce Coaching

Whether you are looking to save your marriage or get over your former husband or wife my coaching will transform your thinking.

Save your Marriage Now!

  • Are you interested in saving your marriage from divorce? I believe most marriage problems are easily solved, even if your husband or wife doesn’t agree. I can help you stop your divorce and get your marriage back on track. Don’t wait another minute get the support and advice you need to save your marriage.
  • Are you pressuring your spouse to change? I coach you on how to get through to your spouse with Actions not Words. By changing your approach, you will quickly learn how to improve your relationship, you have the power.

Get over your former husband or wife and move on:

Isn’t it time you closed this chapter of your life? Sometimes we need to look at our personal relationship with someone and simply move on.  It’s hard and it can hurt deeply. A common theme or feeling I hear from my clients is “But I still love him / her.”  In some cases, I’ll respond back…  “and how is that love thing working for you?”  Meaning, we can love others in our life, even for a lifetime, but that doesn’t make them the best partner for us.
I still love my ex-husband, I was with him for 15 years, but it isn’t a romantic love anymore.  It’s evolved into a brotherly love. My new found love with my present husband is what’s good for me, my happiness, my life’s desires and my soul. You can find that new love if you just trust in the process of my coaching.

I promise, I can get you there, if you want to go there.
I did it and I will show you how!

Parenting Coaching

If you have children, we’ll discover the love relationships we have with our children. Today’s children are different, just as today’s world is different. Children are much more informed about parenting than you may think. They see it on television, read about it on the Internet and talk about it with their friends, every day. They prefer and respond better to loving parents.

The fear-based parenting in the past, will backfire in today’s new world. The threat of punishment will cause your children to rebel and resent you. Punishing your children in an attempt to enforce obedience will not increase their willingness to cooperate; it will only push them further away.

I have three sons, two of them teenagers; I’m often asked…”why are my children so much like me?” “Why don’t I have the usual discipline problems other parents have?” or “How am I able to raise three boys who are drastically different, intellectually and emotionally, yet, all three are happy and well-adjusted?”

It wasn’t easy, but I figured it out…and I will share my secrets with you!

Coaching with me will help you identify the four basic temperaments your children have:

  • Sensitive with strong feelings.
  • Active with strong wills.
  • Responsive with needs for stimulation.
  • Receptive with a desire to cooperate.

I’ll teach you and coach you on why it’s more difficult to understand and nurture your child, if your child’s temperament is different from yours.

Discover why…

  • The sensitive child needs lots of understanding.
  • The responsive child needs lots of variety
  • The receptive child needs a regular routine
  • The active child needs a lot of structure

Special Tips on Parenting Your Teenager:

Nothing in your life can be as trying, confusing, and frustrating than raising a teenager, especially without proper communication. They can be self-centered and full of mixed messages.  Staying connected to your teenager has big benefits.  They will say no to drugs, sex and troubling behavior.
Teenagers, for better or worse, are some of the most fun and creative people on the planet.  You can actually learn how to recharge your parenting batteries with your teenagers and not drain them.

The connection I encourage and coach you to develop with your teenagers is NOT the same connection you made with them during childhood.  You need different skills.  I’ll teach and coach you on the importance of creativity and perseverance with your teenagers. When to connect and when to let go…

The wonderful news is…. your teenagers CRAVE this connection, but they’ll never admit it.

Get the relationship advice you need NOW.

I can bring you phenomenal results that will change the way you live your life each and every day. I promise you that teaming up with me, as your coach, will be the best decision you will ever make.