COVID-19: The First 24 Hours

Guide to Protocols and Procedures

When you are diagnosed with Covid-19, time is of the essence. The first 24 hours are crucial to lessen the symptoms and duration of the virus.

I am beyond pleased to announce that my highly anticipated COVID-19 eBook is now available for purchase!

Have this book on hand so that you are prepared with coronavirus natural remedies if/when you contract with this virus.

This eBook will provide valuable information and guidance about the various supplements like Vitamin D, zinc, vitamins, and homeopathy natural remedies that will not only boost your health overall but will help you recover from coronavirus naturally.

I was inspired to write this eBook because I was contacted by many friends and family members desperately needing support and answers to help themselves or their loved ones who contracted Coronavirus. This eBook is a great resource to help you learn about home remedies, vitamins, and supplements that help ward off COVID-19.

Happy and healthy reading!

COVID-19: The First 24 Hours by Abbe Lang

List Price: $10.00