Natural Flu Prevention Methods

Before you think about getting the Flu shot why don’t you explore the natural options to stimulate your immune system this winter.

Last year has been by far one of the worst flu seasons!   People are always wondering what they can do to stay healthy.   There are several homeopathic remedies that can help treat the flu but the one remedy that I use throughout flu season as a preventative is Influenzinum 30c.

Influenzinum is a great homeopathic remedy that helps in flu prevention .   It is updated each year based on the flu strains that are used in the flu vaccine for that particular year. Influenzinum is used for treatment of aches, fatigue, sore throat, chills, fever, diarrhea and vomiting. It is also useful for lingering fevers from previous infections in the body.

Preventative and treatment dosing as per Angelica Lemke, homeopath

There are several different recommendations for dosing protocols for prevention. I suggest that you experiment, and choose the one that works best for you and your family. It is recommended to use 9C – 30C potency. I generally use 30C and I find it very effective. Here are three different ways to dose the remedy (regardless of which potency you choose):
Preventative dosing (1st Option): Dissolve 1 or 2 pellets in your or your child’s mouth once a week for 4 weeks and then repeat 3 weeks later.
Preventative dosing (2nd Option): Dissolve pellets in 1-2 oz. of water and take one teaspoon once per week for 4 weeks and then repeat 3 weeks later.
Treatment dosing: If you already feel the onset of the flu: put 1 pellet in one Tablespoon of water and take 1 drop under the tongue every 20 min. for 2 -2 ½ hours. Then continue to take 2 drops twice a day for a week.
Influenzinum can generally be found in local health food stores as well as online. Note – Boiron also sells a remedy that is similar to Influenzinum, called Oscillococcinum. It can be used similarly to Influenzinum.   You can even get Influenzinum on – it is called “Influenzinum MDT 30c” by Boiron – MDT stands for Multidose tube.

For prevention of flu, keep in mind that plenty of fluids and fruits and veggies are helpful to keep the body alkaline.  It is also important to limit sugar and refined carbohydrates.   Consume whole grains (preferably gluten free). Keeping the microbial flora in the intestines healthy can also go a long way in preventing the flu. An effective way to do this is through probiotics.   Also, some supplements have shown to be helpful in prevention of flu: zinc, vitamins A (mycelized or palmitate forms), C, and D, and elderberry (Sambucus). These supplements can also be helpful in treating the flu in higher doses (if children are unable to hold down fluids or food, then stick with homeopathic remedies until the nausea/vomiting subsides). Garlic and ginger also have antiviral properties and can be consumed raw, with food, as a tea or in pill form. Think about adding the following supplements to your winter arsenal:

1. Zinc
Prevention: under age four, 5 mg daily; over age four/adults, 10 mg daily
Treatment: for children 2 -12 months old give 10-15mg a day, for children between 1 and 3 give 20-30 mg daily, for older children give 50 mg a day, and adults can take 75-100 mg a day (divide the dose and give twice daily).
2. Vitamin A
Prevention: Children 2-24 months can take 1250IU daily, children 2-5 years old can take 2500IU daily and people over the age of 5 can take 5000IU daily (be sure to calculate vitamin A already being consumed in multivitamins and other supplements, such as cod-liver oil).
Treatment: 10,000 IU – 15,000 IU daily.
3. Vitamin C
Prevention: Young children (under 5) can take 250mg twice a day and older children and adults can take 500mg twice a day.
Treatment: for children up to age of 5, 1000mg per year of age, and as much as possible for older children and adults, as long as the stool does not become loose (the total dose should be divided and given several times per day).
4. Vitamin D
Prevention: 1,000-2,000 IU daily.
Treatment: same
5. Elderberry
Prevention: for children, 1 teaspoon daily; for adults, 2 capsules daily.
Treatment: for children under 4 years of age, take 1 teaspoon 4 times a day, and older children and adults should take 2 teaspoons 4 times a day.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Keeps the body alkaline

Homeopathic remedies for the Flu

Aconite (Acon.)

Aconite is useful in the initial time period of a sudden onset fever, accompanied by severe anxiety, restlessness, and intolerable pains and sensitivity – all much worse at night. The child may be hot and sweaty with significant thirst for cold drinks, and have eyes that may look shocked; staring, glassy, etc. The child is easily excitable, prone to panic, and strongly wants company.

Belladonna (Bell.)

Belladonna is one of the primary remedies for sudden onset very high fevers with intense dry burning heat especially in the locally affected parts. The fever may accompany any different kind of infection from bacterial to viral, etc. Key symptoms are a red, hot head and cold limbs, easy delirium during fever, dilated pupils, and extreme oversensitivity to their environment.

Bryonia Alba (Bry.)

Bryonia Alba can have a very high fever but usually with a sluggish and slow onset. Once in place there is a dry burning heat without sweating, and the main thing the child wants is to stay still to avoid exacerbating any of the chills or pains (from coughing, in the chest, etc). They are very dry and may be constantly thirsty for water. They may be irritable or angry and generally want to be left alone during the acute, spending all their limited energy on dealing with the illness at hand.

Gelsemium (Gels.)

Gelsemium is a remedy for fevers in which the main characteristic is extreme weariness and heaviness in the body; they can’t keep the eyes open, everything is heavy and drooping. Legs may be so heavy that they tremble. The fever may be from flu or other ailments, and often comes on during summer or changes of weather from cold to warm. There is also a lot of anticipatory anxiety seen in Gelsemium.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum (Eup. Perf.)

Eupatorium perfoliatum is an important remedy for those fevers where the most prominent symptom is intense, deep aching, bruised pains especially in the bones, to the point where the bones feel as if they may be breaking. The skin, likewise, is sensitive and sore especially in flu. Unlike Bryonia alba in which the intense pains lead them to want to remain very still, Eupatorium may be quite restless during the fever, though can also be depressed, sleepy, yawning and moaning.

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Stephanie Weeks