Life after Divorce

Courier Post has recently shared how some South Jersey women have made it through a divorce and picked up the pieces left behind by a broken marriage. The article also cited how important counseling is when it comes to dealing with this life-altering event.

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It’s a seven letter word — a highly-charged one known to wreak havoc on marriage partners, their children and their families.

Divorce often is difficult, painful and traumatic. And for women, especially, it can shake and threaten identity itself.

What happens when two people who once said “I Do!” split apart? And how do the experts feel that women, who seem the most divorce-damaged, can heal and go on?

Meet several South Jersey women who have known despair, and have walked through the divorce fire to the other side.

Victoria McCloud

They met at a North Jersey party in 1968, and she was instantly smitten. He was four years older, and Victoria Dadian (now McCloud) actually followed her “older man” to Texas, where he was in college. She was 19 when they married.

Three children came along, but life was not the happily-ever-after she had imagined.

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