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Hi, I’m Abbe Lang. Welcome to Motivational Point Coaching. Here you will discover my never before published secrets to achieve a happy, healthy life though my exciting Abbe’s Advice ebook series. By utilizing the information revealed in these books, you will learn to achieve your greatest potential in your relationships, your health and every aspect of your life!

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  • Homeopathic Treatment for the Coronavirus

    Homeopathic Treatment for the Coronavirus

    INDICATIONS: Below dosing instructions are based on the recommendations of Bhawisha Joshi, homeopath in India working with alot of 2020 Pandemic patients, and also a collection of remedies that are being used by many various homeopaths treating the this season’s pandemic.Each dose, give 2 pellets direct into the mouth, 10 minutes from other food/drink. PREVENTATIVE …Read More »